Weird Fears

If you tell me that you're not afraid of anything I'd say you're pulling my leg. Everyone is afraid of something! Whether it's something small like spiders or a huge fear of dying. We all have those odd fears that when we tell someone they give us a look like we're crazy. Here are my weird fears. What are some of your fears?

Ventriloquist dummies
This one isn't so much a fear as an extreme dislike. We used to have some weird looking ones in the in my previous museum position that were on loan to us. Needless to say I made sure those were returned to their owner before our move to the new building.

Walking next to the edge of the bridges downtown
I'm not exactly sure where this one came from but I hate walking along the side of the bridge that's next to the water. I always have to move to the side closest to the street. I think in the depths of my mind I think that some crazy will just toss me over or something. I think it drives people crazy when I'm walking on the wrong side but I don't care!

The large metal grates in the side walks
Chicago has these huge grates in the sidewalks. Sometimes you can see all the way down and sometimes there is cement right below the grate. I actively avoid putting all of my weight on the center of these grates. Stepping on the edge is ok but unless I absolutely have to, like a jam packed sidewalk during rush hour, I will actively avoid these.

Large semis carrying large long objects
Pretty sure that everyone has this fear. Any time there is a semi carrying anything huge I start to think about it flying off the back and rolling down the highway. Very much like a terrible action movie. Also I hate driving between semis and the concrete walls. I have a small car I would hate to be squished.

Driving in the winter
This is something that I think a lot of people have a fear of. I enjoy winter. It's a fun time of year I just hate hate hate driving in the winter. I think it stems from a few years ago when I slid off the road heading to Chesterton, IN to meet up with friends. I did a 360 spin on the off ramp and was just a few feet away from it taking several hours of getting me back on the road instead of 5 minutes. It was not fun. Since then when there is bad weather during times I have to drive I get really stressed.

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