People You Meet Commuting

People You Meet Commuting by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Commuting is a pain. No matter how you do it whether it's driving or taking public transportation it's a pain. Most of the time it's a pain because of the people you have to deal with. You tend to come across certain types of people while you're commuting. I was downtown for a meeting recently and encountered a number of these people and had to share my thoughts. They don't always make commuting a pain, sometimes it can be interesting ... very interesting. Do you meet any of these people on your daily commute?

Tourist Betty

Tourist Betty is that one person who totally drives anyone and everyone bonkers as she tries to navigate the city. She is the person who has absolutely no idea what's happening and doesn't even realize that there are other people around her. This is evident by her stopping in the middle of a crowded sidewalk. The reason Betty has stopped is either because she has no idea where she is going and pulled out her phone to check a map or because she wants to take a photograph of something. Neither of these is a bad thing it's the fact that Betty has stopped in the middle of the sidewalk that is the problem! Tourist Betty is also the person who is standing in the middle of the escalator or moving walk way instead of standing to the right like you're supposed to. 

In a Hurry Brad

You'll usually find In a Hurry Brad in a very nice and probably pretty expensive suit rushing to get to his oh so important job somewhere in the Loop. Lots of times you'll see him with his phone to his ear as well. 
Brad is always rushing. I'm never sure why he's always in such a hurry, it's not really that difficult to leave a few minutes earlier is it Brad? He's a man on a mission. You better watch out when he's on the move because you might accidentally get run over. Not gonna lie I saw In a Hurry Brad not paying attention and running for a train last winter. He might have wiped out ... I might have laughed. 

Angry Bob

Now when talking about Angry Bob it's easy to get him confused with In a Hurry Brad but they are not the same. You can just tell by looking at Angry Bob that he is just annoyed with everything. You accidentally brush up against Bob and it's the end of the world. If you're lucky he'll just glare at you fuming if you're not so lucky he'll make some sort of jerk comment and maybe even yell at you. Angry Bob is not a fun commuter to be around. We don't like Angry Bob and try to stay as far away as possible from Angry Bob.

Lazy Brittney 

There is always that one person whether you're on the Metra train or a CTA bus or even just waiting that is always just lazing about, that person is Lazy Brittney. They're the ones who aren't in a hurry to do anything not even get to where they want to go. These are also the people who fall asleep during the commute as well. You worry about them making it to their stop and are so concerned that they will sleep right through it for most of your commute. Some how they always know to wake up one minute before the stop is called and just lollop off the train. It really is amazing. 

Shoving Bert

Bert always has to be the first person anywhere. Don't get him confused with people who get up early to wait by the doors Shoving Bert just doesn't give a damn who is in his way. He's getting out or moving through first. He also is one of those people who doesn't do the we both slightly move aside when passing people. He's just rude. 

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