Do People Actually Buy This? Vol. 9

Do People Actually Buy This? Vol. 9 by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

The poof and fur is still everywhere! I can't escape from the crazy poofs and odd fur lined items. We had plenty of poofs on earrings and shoes in February and now they're all over the place on everything! Have you seen an crazy items in your shopping lately?

I'll admit I've never been a big fan of the poof on the hat trend. Even the winter hats with the poof or yarn balls I'm just not a fan of but they seem proper on that type of hat. The poof on this hat is just not working.

I cannot handle this handle. It looks like they cut a tail off a cat stuffed animal and stapled it to the purse. Can you just feel this sliding on your arm all furry? eek! Also I just realized you can totally see me taking the photo in the purse!

There are so many things about this coat I can't handle. I love turquoise and mint but this shade looks like it's been in use for one too many winters. Although with the cold silk lining I'm not sure that it is even warm enough for winter.

I couldn't even bring myself to attempt to figure out what this pile was. It looks like several small animals fighting. Sherpa isn't the end of the world sometimes if it looks nice. This also looked like it was used and then returned.

There has been some very odd outerwear pieces this winter. What exactly is the point of this peter pan collar? I can't imagine that it would give much warmth. Is it supposed to be worn inside your coat? Outside? There are so many questions to be answered.

When I saw these for the first time I almost thought they were handcuffs! Then I remembered that I was in Ulta not a store that sells sex toys. 

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