9 Ways to ​Save Money On Groceries Each Month

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We all want to save money. There are so many things we all want to do and spend our money on in life but does any one actually want to spend more money than they have to? One area I've worked hard to sharpen my saving skills is on our grocery bill. I've got some of my go to ways that I save money on my grocery bill each time we go to the store.

Don't pay full price

This is probably my number one most important tip. Especially when it comes to groceries you don't ever want or should pay full price. Everything I've read throughout the years from so many sources says that groceries in the grocery store will always go on sale at some point during the sale schedule. Unless you absolutely have to don't buy it full price. 

Check the ounces

This is for sure my number two most important thing that I look at when I shop. When you're looking at four different sizes and two are on sale, of the same ketchup it can get really confusing really quickly. Always look at the price per ounce. Every grocery store I've been in will give that price somewhere on the label, Target doesn't break down their ounce price but it's worth doing some math in the aisle. The sale item could seem like a better deal but when you look at the per ounce price it could still be a significant amount more than the larger size. Do the math it will save you money!

Buy in bulk

This is one way I really like to save money on things like meat or paper goods. If chicken is on sale for that lowest price I always buy the big container so then I get more so I can freeze it. You don't want to be stuck paying two or three times as much in a week because you didn't bulk shop when it was on sale. This one goes hand in hand with checking the ounces since a lot of times those larger bulk containers can be the better deal. 

Don't buy in bulk

I know this seems really contradictory to say in the last point buy bulk and now say don't buy bulk. Buying in bulk only works well to save you money if you're actually going to use it. There are lots of ways to only buy a little of something if you only need a little. Like the bulk areas, salad bar and trail mix area, where you can scoop as little or as much as you want. 

We always use nuts in dishes so for us buying a bag is best but say you only need a little for a new recipe. Don't buy that entire bag just get a little bit. I love doing this in the deli section. We enjoy sliced cheese on sandwiches and burgers but don't always use up the entire package before it can go bad. So I ask the deli for just a couple of slices.  

When it does go on sale that is the perfect time to stock up. Kevin loves this green juice from V8. I've tried it, it's terrible I have no idea why in the world he likes it I think it tastes like grass. It is one those items that doesn't go on sale often but when it does it's sometimes up to half the price. You better your bippy I'm buying 3 or 4 of those juices when it hits that price. I know Kevin will drink them and I'm not about to pay that normal full price if I don't have to. Stocking up doesn't really work for perishable items unless you know you're going to consume 3 lbs of asparagus in a week and half by all means stock up when it's .99 a pound.  

Stock up

I'm sure we all have those certain items that we always have in our pantries or fridges. You know what I'm talking about things like your favorite juice or that must have treat for your lunches. By now we've all bought it so many times we know what a good price for it is. If you aren't sure about that good price keep an eye out for the next month or so. That's one great thing about grocery stores is it will go on sale, it's just a matter of when. 

Shop the circular

I know that everyone has their list when they shop but make sure to check that circular and use it to it's best advantage. I always look through the circular as I'm making my list. I know you really wanted to make that one recipe but when none of the ingredients are on sale you might want to wait on that one. Base those recipe and meal choices on what is on sale that week.

Earn money while you shop

These days I'm all about doing anything that will earn me a few extra bucks here and there. I know I've shared these two apps before but my favorites for earning money and saving it are Ibotta and Shopkick. I'm not sure why it took me so long to get on the Ibotta bandwagon. I think that I thought it was all items that I would never buy. They give you money back on certain items after you purchase them and scan them in. I wouldn't buy extra items but if there is something that I normally buy that gives me extra money back wahoo!

Shopkick is even better since the main ways to earn points are just wandering around scanning items. Yes you can earn points on certain items if you purchase. Plus by doing some extra wandering to get kicks you get some more steps in. 

Use coupons

Coupons are probably the best and easiest way to save money when you're grocery shopping. I've always found that the best coupons are found in the Sunday paper but there are great resources online so that you can print them, like Swagbucks (plus you get more SB points when you print them there too!). Check to see if your grocery store has a rewards program and it's own app. Most do now and have coupons not just for brand name groceries but also for their own store brand items. I always try to make sure to stack coupons with items that are on sale. That way you're really maximizing your savings. 

Shop at a grocery store for groceries

This one doesn't always seem obvious but I very rarely shop for grocery items at places like Target. There are some times where the deal and a Cartwheel ends up with the best price but I know that because I know the best prices on items I buy all the time. Normally though buying groceries especially meat and produce is better at actual grocery stores. Even at a non-sale price it will always be better at a grocery store. 

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