101 List Year 1

I cannot believe that Stephanie and I have already finished our first year of our THIRD 101 in 1001 List. How is that even possible? I know I keep saying this but I don't even know where the year went. Time is flying. What better time to reflect over my 101 list than at the first year mark. 


Right now I'm sitting at 10 items checked off my list! I was hoping to have more checked off after the first year but looking at the goals I set and the amount of work to go into some of these I feel good about where I'm sitting at with my accomplished goals. 

Some of the ones I checked off already I'm so surprised by and they happened so quickly. Such as my secret goal of finding a new job. I was very surprised and it happened very quickly! Kevin and I had been debating for forever about where we wanted to live next and I didn't think we'd ever figure it out. We started looking for rentals but quickly moved to buying and are under contract! 

I've also been able to check off some fun 101 list items too. Last summer Stephanie and I enjoyed my first water taxi ride. Kevin helped me check off many of the first ones such as our amazing Charleston trip last summer and enjoying things within walking distance of our place. I love that he's usually game to do things that will check off 101 list items. 

In Progress 

While my number of items totally checked off is somewhat low my in progress number is quite high at 48! Looking at all of them that are in progress I am probably actively working on at least 35 of them. Many of them I'm closing in on finishing them too. Such as 50 new Pampered Chef recipes, I've completed 38 at this point. Several are ones that I'm doing once a year such as my video recaps. Can't very well make a video for 2019 while we're only in March!

This winter was kind of slow for getting list items done. I think it's the weather here it just makes me want to curl up and do nothing. I've been feeling remotivated lately and am planning on finishing way more of those I have in progress. 

I'm going to keep plugging along!


Life has definitely changed a LOT in the past year! As I already mentioned there have been job changes and now with us buying a place it's the perfect time to reevaluate and change any 101 list items that need it. Since I have a new job in archives and not museums as well as us moving into a home there are a couple of related list items that I needed to change since they're no longer applicable.

This was also a good time to change some of the specifics of a number of items. I keep adding that I want to organize my grandmothers photographs but I always just leave it at that. It's not a specific goal and it's a pretty big one. Hence why I haven't tackled it yet. So I decided that I was going to focus on the digital images that I've scanned of her photographs first. There are a number of tasks that didn't have a specific time frame. So I stepped back and made sure to give them more specific timelines. Don't want to forget my own advice right? 

Are you working on your own 101 list or goals list? I want to hear about it! Also be sure share those goals and to link up with Sara and me!

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