Spring 2019 Goals Link Up

Another season is done! It's crazy to see how warm things are now in Chicago we're definitely more on our way into spring now. I know we're a little late but it's time to get those spring goals going!! First though here is my recap of my winter goals. I feel pretty good about my winter goals and how much I achieved overall. 

1. Create a Chicago Top 50 Bucket list  

I am so close to being finished with this list item! I'm going to work on finishing it up in the next couple of days. 

2. Finish video recap of 2018 and Elowen's 2nd Birthday

Everyone loved her birthday video. Lane is now at the age where he can remember when photos and video clips I put in have happened so that was fun to see this time around. I have been learning along the way that when I do these videos for the kiddos not to make them quite as long too!

3. Complete the three Beatles Puzzles

I totally rocked out this list item. We moved the table into the living room so we could hang out watch a movie and puzzle. I busted through the Beatles puzzles we have in no time at all. 

4. Identify 3 things that stress me out that I can simplify

I actually overachieved this item! The 101 list item calls for me to figure out 10 items and to simplify them. Until I made this a seasonal goal I hadn't even thought about what I wanted to simplify. I've got 8 items on that simplify list now! Most of them I've already started working on too!

5. Figure out three classic wardrobe pieces I want to invest in

I thought about it a lot ... do that count as being part way done? Ha! I think I need to invest in a good a pair of work shoes that are cute but can handle a ton of walking for sure. If anyone has any suggestions send them my way!!

6. Create three worksheets to share on the blog

I created one worksheet when I shared tips on how to actually achieve your goals waaaay back in January. I had planned on doing a worksheet for my Top 50 Chicago list but since I didn't finish that one up I haven't started on the worksheet yet. As soon as I get the list done I can work on the worksheet.

7. Do my first two week time spent tracking

For some reason the past two link ups I've totally bombed on this task. I think because it requires me to do something for an extended period of time I just put it off. 

8. Complete two more courses from Genius Blogger's Toolkit

I got through one course! A lot of the ones I have left to work my way through are really long so I haven't been able to sit down and bust through them as quickly as I could have. 

1. Evaluate and make changes to any 101 List items in preparation for the end of year one.
2. Pitch 50 local places on my list. 
3. Pack at least a box a week starting now.
4.  Complete a month without eating out. 
5. Get together with Rachel.
6. Have ladies time with Mom & Bethany. 
7. Work on crescent dishrag pattern.

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