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Are you a book worm? I would definitely consider myself a book worm. The past couple of years I hadn't been reading as many books since I've had no time but since I hooked myself up with books on tape (well technically books on app) I've been back to books all the time! Last month I shared 5 must read personal development books and I had totally forgotten that Steph and Jana do the Show Us Your Books link up. So I'm making sure I participate this month! These are books that I've really enjoyed the past month. 

I'm not sure if I shared this guilty pleasure yet but I love a good romance novel. A good one to me is a historical romance, usually set somewhere in 1800s England. This Julia Quinn read was one of those! I've read a few by her in the past and this one was just as enjoyable. It had all of the same traits of a good romance novel but with a big twist. The main gentleman in the story, Lord Hugh Prentice, was hurt and disabled because of a duel. I thought it was going to turn into a woe is me and the girl can't see how awesome he is but it didn't go that way at all. If you're into romance novels I would recommend it for sure. 

Bill Bryson's travel books have been on my to read list for years. I have heard great things about them and just never was in the mood to pick them up. In January Scribd recommended In A Sunburned Country. I thought it was appropriate since we were experiencing the polar vortex again to at least imagine I was in a warm place. Bryson was such a good storytelling. I really enjoyed hearing about all of his adventures through Australia. The one part that was tough for me was that since I listened to most of the book while driving I couldn't look up all the different places he was talking about on the map!

I'm actually just about finishing up with this book now. This one tends to make it to best of books for work and working women. I can see why. I really enjoy Lois and how direct she is. Since I've moved to a for profit environment I can see how some traits I've picked up throughout the years can really be doing me a disservice. One of my favorite aspects of the book is how she's laid it out. She literally walks you through the mistake and then gives you bite sized coaching tips to help you combat those mistakes. It's very cut and dry, sometimes these types of books you have to wade through things to boil down the helpful nuggets. She puts it right there so you don't miss it!

Lisa Kleypas is another romance author I find myself picking up regularly. Marrying Winterbourne is a bit of a role reversal with the lady of the book making some mistakes to begin and needing to fix them with her intended. Then is progresses into the two main characters working to discover a dark force that threatens their happiness. I know it's so cliche but it was an enjoyable read. Sometimes you can call it early on but I felt the details of the twists of this one were less predictable. 

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