5 Ways To Make Grocery Shopping Easier

5 Ways To Make Grocery Shopping Easier

I am one of those weird people who actually really enjoys grocery shopping. Whether it's because I enjoy food or it's a reason for me to shop I'm not entirely sure. ​Even though I enjoy grocery shopping it can be a pain and really annoying. Through way too much practice I've come to realize there are certain habits I have developed that really make it so much easier. 

Have bags ready
I'm not sure about anyone else but we really have tried to embrace the reusable bags trend. Not only is it better for the environment but the size of the bags makes it easier too. I have a set of like 4-5 resuable bags that are all in one of the bags and they are my grocery bags. That way I can just grab the one and head out the door.

Make a list
I will say this 100 times. The biggest lie i will ever tell myself is that I don't need to write it down I'll remember. By taking time and writing down what you need and the quantity it saves you so much time. I can't tell you how many times I've been standing in about aisle at the store trying to find the recipe on Pinterest that I want to make because I didn't write down how many potatoes I actually need for it or whatever. Making a list will keep you from getting distracted in the store too saving you time and money.

Prep your meal ideas
This is a key one. I feel like without doing this one properly you cant really do the next two properly. Now I know some people like to get really detailed and make new recipes every week but you don't necessarily have to get super hardcore. Some weeks in our house it's as simple as saying we're home these three nights for dinner and know we have everything but a veggie side for the meals already in the freezer and pantry. 

If you are going more detailed and want to make new recipes this is the time to check out what you already have against what you need. Which goes right into my next trick ...

Prep your coupons
Prepping your coupons before before you head to the store can help save all out of aggravation. by taking time to sort through your coupons before you head to the store you can pull out the ones you're going to use and leave the others at home.does not only help with organizing yourself can prevent you from over spending it as well. be sure to take time and look for any printable coupons or digital was that would be beneficial for your shopping trip. Bye looking for those beforehand you might find savings YouTube other with best.

Shop on the morning
This is one of my life theories life theories not only for grocery shopping but for other types of shopping as well. I always find it is so much easier, much less crowded and most everything is still stocked when I head to the store in the morning. By not having to deal with throngs of people I'm able to take time as I shop and get everything on my list as well as making sure I use my coupons. 

What are your tried and true ways to get in and out of the grocery store efficiently?

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