5 Things about being an adult that should be better

With starting a new job which means dealing with insurance and all sorts of important decisions, looking for a new place to live and working on our taxes I feel very much like an adult lately. I'm not entirely sure I'm a fan of it either. I can remember back to not so long ago when I wanted so badly to be an adult on my own. Not sure about anyone else but I totally thought it was going to be awesome like a TV show, maybe Friends or Sex and the City. One realizes quickly that there are several things that should be so much better as an adult.

Feeding yourself
When you're young you get all excited to be an adult so you can eat whatever you want. When you finally get to adulthood you do go wild and crazy for a bit. Reality then sets in and you realize you do need vegetables and other healthy foods to survive. Plus There is the whole you have to decide what you're going to feed yourself then you actually have to get the ingredients and cook it. Sometimes I long for the days when dinner just appeared at about 5:30.


This is supposed to be one of the ultimate freedoms. You finally are able to go where you want all by yourself. Well that's great if you actually can afford a car and all that having a car entails. Darn things can get so expensive so fast. Plus for the majority of us we'll probably never get that awesome muscle car we really want. Commuting is the worst and driving in the winter in the absolute worst!


You thought that high school or college drama was bad oh man adult drama is way worse. At least in high school you knew you were getting out in 4 years. Adult drama could potentially last your entire life. You thought that the drama you'd face as an adult was something like out of Real Housewives. The Real Housewives made you think that drama is just getting a little sloshed and throwing some low grade shade. There are way higher stakes when it comes to the various adult dramas.

Being responsible 

When you're younger you think that you'll be able to spend all your money on awesome things all the time like fabulous trips and fun things. Then you become an adult and all of a sudden you have responsibilities. You can't just drop everything and spend your whole paycheck on something totally exorbitant. There are these things like car payments and rent. I feel like this is totally overrated. 

Living on your own

I kept thinking how awesome is it going to be when I have my own place and I can do whatever I want. So yeah when you have your own place you can totally do whatever  you want. Technically you can totally leave dishes all over the place if you want but there is no one who is going to come and clean them up. 

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