3 Movies that Make You Want to Work in a Museum

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Working in museums and archives is not always the coolest thing. I'm sure most people think it's pretty dorky and lame. Like many jobs it has it's cool parts and it's boring parts. I always love how movies make everything look amazing and cool. These are three movies that make working in a museum seem like the coolest thing ever. Pretty sure if my work was like these movies I'd never leave haha. What do you think working in a museum is really like?

I love National Treasure. Besides being a fun movie in general I love how fun it makes doing historical look. That's one of my favorite parts about working in a museum is doing research. Yes sometimes it can be tedious and boring I mean come on everything can be tedious and boring. There are those times where you think you're going to answer it in five minutes and then a mystery evolves and you go down this crazy rabbit hole. Figuring out the mysteries is totally something you encounter working in a museum. 

Even before working in a museum I always thought about what it would be like to stay overnight at a museum and what happens when the lights go off. When I was younger we did do a Girl Scout sleep over at a museum but the only thing I remember happening was tripping over a large bronze foot print on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Pretty sure that nothing cool actually happened. Unless we all missed it because we were asleep ...

The Indiana Jones series is the grand daddy of movies that make you go into museum work. I mean come on Harrison Ford is a dashing guy running around doing cool things in the name of preserving history. Plus he had the best ever catch phrase in "that belongs in a museum". I feel like I say that to people at least twice a week. Maybe if I had a cool hat like Jones they'd actually listen to me haha. 

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