11 Disney Live Actions Movies to Add to Netflix Queue Immediately

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I know that the past few years Disney has really been getting back into the live action swing of things but that wasn't always the case. For the longest time the full length cartoons got top billing. There are are so many amazing live action Disney flicks that are amazing. In fact some are so loved that they've spawn massive amounts of fans, merchandise, and even musicals. These phenomenal movies should not just be brushed aside! Are any of the ones on my list your favorite? Or is there a favorite of yours that didn't make the queue?

Any girl currently in her mid twenties to early thirties seems to know and love this movie. I think it was just one of those that had all the right ingredients and came out at just the right time. For me the combination of youth taking on the world and catchy music blew my world. I was completely enamored of Spot Conlon and thought that Sarah needed to get lost, seriously though wasn't she annoying? Feather in the Newsies cap was when they decided to make it into a musical (finally!). Totally freaked when I found out it's coming to Chicago in December and I'm pretty sure Kevin thinks I've totally lost it.

Mary Poppins
I would definitely go out on a limb and say Mary Poppins is the most well known and loved live action movies Disney has put out. Do I need to even make a case for Mary Poppins? Probably not just add it to your queue anyways : )

Bedknobs and Broomsticks
I love this movie. This is definitely a live action movie that not many people outside of a certain age group or Disney fanatic are fans of. Set in the 1940s during World War II Ms. Price, played by the fabulous Angela Lansbury, is taking correspondence courses to become a witch and gets saddled with three children escaping The Blitz. Hi-jinks ensue as the quartet attempts to find a book and then ultimately help the British win the war. This wonderful film is tied up with a wonderful soundtrack too, some of my favorite Disney tunes come from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

The Rocketeer
Disney had a thing for making live action movies set in the 1940s. The Rocketeer finds the rocket after it's been stolen from it's rightful owner to be used by the Nazis. He ends up using it to fight the Nazis and win his girl back. With an all-star cast this one is a home run in book any Friday pizza night.

The Mighty Ducks
What Millennial doesn't know and love this movie? This movie was one of those that came out in the early 90s that we were all obsessed with. Michael J. Fox takes a ragtag bunch of misfits and turns them into a winning hockey team. There are great moments along the way. I haven't seen this one in forever and it's going on my queue right away.

Enchanted is another one of those films that we loved so much when it came out but since then it's been eclipsed by so many other wonderful films. How quickly we forget the wonderful songs, costumes and humor Disney put out in this film. It is a wonderful princess film but Disney doesn't take itself too seriously and poked fun at itself throughout the film.

Hocus Pocus
Only the best Halloween movie ever! It's perfect. From the amazing Bette Midler to the fantastic one liners we all know by heart it's a masterpiece gem. Don't wait for Halloween to add to your queue make sure to get the fix several times throughout the year.

Swiss Family Robinson
This is one of my favorites from pretty early on. Based on the book by the same name from 1812 this movie takes you through the life of the Robinson's after they shipwreck on an island. You follow them through the hardships and adventures of making a life on the island and eventually fighting off pirates. While it does get a little slow in some spots it's a fun family watch.

National Treasure
When National Treasure came out I thought it was amazing. Who wouldn't love what is pretty much a genealogist running through museums and other historical buildings figuring out mysteries. This is pretty much what I wish my work was like.  He steals the Declaration of Independence for goodness sake! Such a good history nerd movie.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
If you're looking for a heart-wrenching on the edge of your seat movie Homeward Bound is a perfect choice. Three pets attempt to find their way back to their people through the wilds of California. While there is some humor and fun this movie can definitely be a tear jerker as well so be prepared.

Cool Runnings
I try not to play favorites but Cool Runnings might actually be my favorite Disney live action movie. We checked this movie out from the library all of the time. I love the tenacity and humor that is portrayed in this movie. That even though it might not be normal doesn't mean you can't do it and rock it. The movie has such amazing quotes too. Growing up I can remember quoting them all the time. No one else seemed to think I was quite as funny haha.

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