Winter Goals Update

I'm feeling so much better about my goals right now than I was last season! I already have three crossed off. With that being said I haven't really done much on three of the other goals so I'm at both extremes this time around. How are your goals going? I wanna hear all about it. 


1. Create a Chicago Top 50 Bucket list  
I started working on the list! I'm about half way there. I've really been taking time and making sure that what I'm putting on it is only the most iconic Chicago experiences.

2. Finish video recap of 2018 and Elowen's 2nd Birthday
Did both of these early on in January! I love doing the year in review ones they've been so much fun. Elowen has changed a ton in the past year so it was pretty neat to see those changes. 

3. Complete the three Beatles Puzzles
Rocked those puzzles! I'm plowing ahead and have started working on another. Since doing all of our puzzles is a 101 list item I'm not slowing down. Feels great to get the three on my winter goals list done though. 

4. Identify 3 things that stress me out that I can simplify
I feel like it's been difficult for me to think of things around my life I can simplify. I try to keep things simple already ... by simple I mean most of the time I'm lazy about things so I don't do more ha. 

5. Figure out three classic wardrobe pieces I want to invest in
I have no ideas about these guys yet. Any suggestions?

6. Create three worksheets to share on the blog
I kicked off 2019 with a goals worksheet! I think I'll probably be doing one to go with my Chicago bucketlist so I really need to get working on it!

7. Do my first two week time spent tracking
While I haven't full on tracked my time I've been much more aware of how I'm spending it. Still can't cross it off yet but at least I'm working towards that!

8. Complete two more courses from Genius Blogger's Toolkit
I've been slowly working my way through one course. I need to just make it a priority just like number 7. 

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