6 Productivity Tips For Working From Home

While I don't work full time from home I am able to work from home some days plus with the blog and my Pampered Chef business I do a lot of work at home. Back in January we had the  polar vortex like weather and I ended up working from home a good chunk of the week. I really had to make sure my productivity was at max capacity that week. Since I started working more at home I've learned a few tips that make my productivity go through the roof.

When you wake up, get up
I've gotten into the bad habit on a lot of the weekends where I lay about in bed for far longer than I'm going to admit and mess around on the phone. This is something that I have actually caught myself starting to do on the couple of days I've worked at home. Don't let yourself get into those bad habits. You can mess up your whole day if you do. If you need a little more structure to it keep your normal routine even just don't walk out the door!

Dress for the occasion
Keeping with your routine is making sure you don't stay in your PJs! I'm not sure exactly what it is about just wasting away the day in my PJs. It's like there is relaxation just built into them. By getting dressed and making sure you're not in your PJs that makes working from home so much easier. Now don't worry I'm not saying you have to put on a suit. Jeans and a t-shirt are totally fine. I always feel fresh and ready to go when I get dressed in my new clothes for the day.

Location, location, location
Location is one of those things that for some people can really make a difference. Some people need to be working at a desk or table while some people can lounge on the couch and work. You might need to even get out of the house and camp out at a new place like your local library. Figure out what your optimal working location is and rock that space. If you work from home often you might even want to designate a certain space. Such a desk that is specific to you and your work that no one else should be using.

I mentioned it above but keeping a schedule is really important. It's super easy to get all oh I'll just take a little bit longer of a break and I'll work a little later. Or I'll just mess on Pinterest for a little bit before sitting down and writing a new blog post. I've found that when I work from home on my work work stuff and I keep my schedule the same as if I was at work it's a very productive day. When I'm carving out days for working on blog stuff I set up an outline of the day, such as an hour for writing, then spending time on social media creation, etc. Keeping those schedules can really keep you on task.

Make sure to move
I've found that I sit waaaaay more when I'm doing work at home. At work I'm always getting up and walking back to the archive but when I'm doing work at home it's all computer work. Not only does it totally tank my step count for the week it's not good for me to be sitting that much. Earlier this week I made a point to get up and do something for 5 minutes each 1-1.5 hours. Whether it was put a few things away, wash a couple of dishes or just do a couple of laps around our condo. It make a big difference in how I felt at the end of the day. Don't forget to move.

Be preparedOne would think that this would be totally obvious but not always. Working at home instead of at the office? Make sure to double check that you're bringing home everything you need and enough work to keep you busy during your time at home. Work at home normally? Make sure that you have everything you need at the beginning of the week. Don't let yourself not be productive because you don't have enough ink to get through what you need to or you don't have what you need for your projects.

Do you work from home? What do you do and what trick do you use to be super productive?

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