5 Things I Actually Rock At

I can be really tough on myself some times. I think we all are pretty tough on ourselves sometimes. We tend to see our faults more often then those things we're really good at. So I thought I'd sit down and give myself a break and share some things that I think I really rock at! I'm sure there are plenty more too. I'd love to hear what you think you really rock at too!

This is probably one thing that I'm really really good at that informs several other things I'm really good at. Even before I went into history and museums I was good at research. I love finding out information about everything. Kevin and I might be talking about some random topic and I'll pull out my phone and start researching. There might be a place I want to visit, well you can bet I'm researching everything from what are the best restaurants to what are the must see sights.

Remembering the most random crap
I have a ridiculous memory for the most random stuff. I'm sure that in part is what makes me really good at my job but it is definitely interesting when it comes to outside stuff. When I go into deep online Facebook stalking research mode on Facebook and LinkedIn it's amazing how much I'll remember. I'm totally that person sitting there talking with people trying not to bring up something I noticed in deep research mode. I can remember the most random things that family has mentioned or done, it's pretty funny sometimes.

My Job
Sometimes I think people underestimate me since it took me years to find full time work in my field. Heck sometimes I underestimate myself for that reason. The past several years I've really gotten my confidence back up when it comes to my job. I've created amazing exhibits that people love, this past summer I created a kids activity book that was super cool and so many other things. Now I'm in a great position with a large international company feeling pretty awesome about my skills.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not a Michelin ranked chef or anything but I'm quite a good one. I need to work on my presentation skills not sure that I'd get any points on Chopped for that but I think they'd enjoy my flavors. I really enjoy cooking most of the time too.

You've probably guessed this one since every time I do something I talk about how important planning is to the process. I love to plan. I'm a think ahead think through all the things type of person. Whether it's for a grocery trip or something huge like a two week trip I plan my little heart out. I've gotten pretty good at it too. I should probably moonlight as some sort of planner like a travel agent or event planner. 

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