5 Must Read Books for Personal Development

5 Must Read Books for Personal Development by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

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Ever since I started listening to books through Scribd on my phone I've been devouring book after book. Lately I've been on an non-fiction kick. Especially adulting type of books. There have been a couple of books that multiple people have told me throughout my life that I MUST read. Well I finally read them and I can see why they are so popular and influential. I finally understand why these books are so recommended! They are great reads. Add these to your list and adult on!

I didn't realize before starting this book when it was written. Since it was written in 1936 there are definitely some outdated examples, which as a historian I find hilarious, but the overall themes of it really hold true. This is the perfect book for anyone who has anything to do with people in any part of their life. I have found myself acting differently and in my opinions better when it comes to interacting with people in certain areas of my life. 

My dad was always recommending this book to me and I finally took time to listen to it. I'm really glad I did. When I was reading this book I was a part of a dysfunctional team so it was an extremely eye opening read. Eye opening and quite ironic at the time. It really called to light a lot of the dysfunctions that were happening and I've vowed to myself not to let those types of bad habits enter my own work life again. 

We've all been loving on Marie Kondo on Netflix lately but if you haven't picked up the actual book yet you better get it together and read it. This is one I read right after it came out. While I have not Marie Kondoed everything in our condo ... yet ... there are lots of areas that have benefited. My socks and t-shirts have been in great shape since 2015. While the method might seem a bit out there at first when you really think about it figuring out if something gives you joy or just makes your life more stressful and chaotic is really helpful. 

Kevin and I actually started this book together during a trip to the cottage in Wisconsin but we didn't finish it. I finally got my act together earlier in January and read it again. This was a great book. I really enjoyed Jen's frankness and get out of your own way advice. There were so many duh and light bulb moments while I was listening to this book.

This book was different that I was expecting. This book takes you through years of research about who a typical millionaire is and how they got there. While it was first written in the late 1990s I think it very much still applies to today. Hearing about the hyper consumer habits of people with high salaries but are never actually wealthy was super interesting. It definitely put some of my own spending habits into perspective. 

Have you been reading any good books on more adulting type of subjects lately? Let me know I need to add more to my reading list!

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