Winter Goal Link-Up

Another season has come and gone! With the change in the season comes a brand new link up and goals. Back in in November when I did my update I had a very different view of how December would go. Thanks to the change in job for me the past three weeks were spent preparing for that change and saying good bye to my work friends. I was able to continue a lot of the goals but not finish as many as I would have liked. 

1. Plan out blogging calendar for the next year

2. Complete 4 courses from Genius Bloggers Toolkit

3. Work our way through three rooms of the Year of Organizing Challenge
4. Figure out one way to wear a blanket scarf and wear it that way twice

5. Have a scrapbook day where I finish my Disney scrapbook

6. Spend a day organizing family papers

7. Do my first two week time spent tracking

8. Figure out the crescent knitting pattern

I want to end 2018 and start 2019 being as productive as I can. Since the end of 2018 will be a little different than planned on I don't have as much free time to get everything done that I'd like. I'm switching gears a little bit with my goals. Since I have a number of 101 list items that require me to decide on things like three pieces to invest in I figure it would be good to work on the first part of those items. Let's start get our goal pants on and kick some butt!

Winter Goals

1. Create a Chicago Top 50 Bucket list  
2. Finish video recap of 2018 and Elowen's 2nd Birthday
3. Complete the three Beatles Puzzles
4. Identify 3 things that stress me out that I can simplify
5. Figure out three classic wardrobe pieces I want to invest in
6. Create three worksheets to share on the blog
7. Do my first two week time spent tracking
8. Complete two more courses from Genius Blogger's Toolkit

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