Things I Judge You For

None of us ever like to admit it but we totally judge people. I know that you're thinking I don't ever judge people but I know that is totally a lie. There is something, maybe it's a super small thing, but there is always something that we judge other people on. I won't lie I can get pretty judgy sometimes so I'm just going sit here and admit it! Here are the things that I am most likely judging you silently for. What are the things that you get really judgy about?

What museums you do and do not like

How you drive

When you’re late

When I can tell that you’re not listening to someone but only waiting to interject your thoughts

When we're supposedly conversing but I can tell you're just looking for the next conversation

When you finish someone else’s story. This is especially a bad one if you do this and you weren't even there for the story. Rude.

Checking your phone when we're talking

How you treat customer service people

Who your favorite Disney princess is. Also in the same vein your thoughts in general about Disney princesses

Your choices in music

When you wear certain brands of clothes and you're of a certain age

Your handshake

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