How to Actually Accomplish Your Goals in 2019

Set a goal
Seriously I mean actually set goals. A lot of people when they want to change or improve themselves or something in their lives they don't actually set a goal. They just say they're going to fix it. Two weeks later they don't even remember what they were planning on changing or they've totally changed what they want to improve or they have even given up!

Don't just set willy nilly either. Yup I said willy nilly that's how important this is! Be sure to set SMART goals. You might have heard about what a SMART goal is but if you haven't hear is a nice concise reminder to help you with setting a SMART goal. 

Write it down
The biggest lie I will probably ever tell myself is that if I don't write it down I'll remember. Write it down! Whether it's in a fabulous goal setting planner or a blog post or just on post it notes around your house. Whatever way works best for you is how you should do it. I've decided to use my 101 List as my larger goat setting tracker and then I break it down into smaller goals during the quarterly link up. Figure out the best way for you to keep track of those goals and do it!

Break it down
Building on your SMART goals you'll want to break them down into smaller manageable pieces. Say you want to find a new job in your career field during 2019. That's a pretty specific goal so to accomplish that you'll have to break it into smaller goals like in January revamp your resume and LinkedIn profile. Next figure out what companies or institutions you want to work at and so and so forth. By breaking a goal into those small pieces you won't feel so overwhelmed. 

While it's well and good to make goals of all sorts it can be really tough to keep those goals going. Having a way of keeping yourself accountable is really important. Sharing those goals with your readers if you're a blogger is a great way to keep yourself accountable, you can join our quarterly goals link up! 

Do you have a friend who is great at keeping you honest and on track? That would be a great person to share your goals with to help you focus. That accountability can be what makes or breaks a successful goal. 

I think all of us struggle with motivation for anything in our lives. We can be all ready to go and start off with a bang but part way through loose that motivation as the tasks drag on. Give yourself something to work towards. For me a good motivation is a good old fashioned bribe. I love a good massage. 

In the past I've set some of those bigger goals and when I achieved them I rewarded myself with a massage. Say you're having a hard time with a smaller goal maybe you need something like dinner carried in from a place you enjoy when you're done.

Downloadable goals worksheet

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