Cartoon Characters I have a Crush On

There are those celebrity guys that we all have crushes on throughout our lives. Sometimes those celebrity guys happen to be cartoons. I know I've had my share of live action and cartoon crushes throughout the years. Yes a few them are definitely Disney men but there are lots of other hunky cartoon gents out there too! Who is your secret or not so secret cartoon crush?

Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon 2 
Hiccup definitely had his own Neville Longbottom moment between the first and second movies! When I saw the trailer the first time I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped. You can't go wrong with a guy with cartoon hair like that. You just can't.

Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
Oh Prince Phillip! He is and will always be my first and ultimate cartoon crush. He's handsome and dashing, especially when commanding Samson ... most of the time. Plus Phillip is a very forward thinking prince, not one to stick to the status quo.

Li Shang from Mulan
Do I really need anymore proof than this gif? For those who need more proof than the super suave super sweet comment he gives Mulan at the end "You ... you fight good." Moving on from his lack of words he is tough but pushes you to be your best and works to protect plus who doesn't love a guy who your grandmother loves?

Archie from Archie Comics
I've loved the gang since my mom introduced me to them in middle school. Archie comics are one of a few things that I actively collect. I always thought Archie was such a cutie in that bumbling guy next door way. He's got to have something going on if both Betty and Veronica are going after him all the time right? Although he does drive me a little crazy when he ditches one for the other. I know it's their shtick but sometimes it can come off a little cruel.

Dimitri from Anastasia
Anastasia is the best non-Disney cartoons out there. Fight me on it! From the beginning of the movie Dimitri shows how much he cares by saving Anastasia and her grandmother. He looses his way a little bit along the way with the whole making a quick buck with trying to find a fake Anastasia. Even though there were a few bumps in the road he totally redeems himself in the end.

Robin Hood from Robin Hood
There is just something about a guy with a sexy voice. One of my favorite voices of a Disney cartoon, really any cartoon. He such a sweetie too. Always caring for everyone! The whole felon part of it is a bit of a bummer but some girls dig the bad boy. Although since it's to help people is it really wrong? That's a whole other moral dilemma but can we please agree Robin Hood has it going on.

Garrett from Quest for Camelot
Another great under appreciated non-Disney cartoon. If you haven't seen Quest for Camelot you really need to find it and watch it now. Such a good movie. Garrett starts out the movie as a, well I won't sugar coat it, he's a jerk. As the movie goes on you start to see a softer side to him as he helps Kayley. Plus you have to see his moves!

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