30 Things That Happened in 2014

Starting off 2019 we're going to step five years back. 2014 might seem like it was just last year but it was five long years ago now. So much happened that year that has changed our lives today. Jump in the time machine with me : )

Guardians of the Galaxy

Gay marriage became legal in 18 more US states

Chicago P.D. kicked off the Chicago TV show love

We enjoyed Taco Bell all day with the introduction of their breakfast menu

Ebola epidemic becomes global health crisis with over 17,100 total cases and 6,000 deaths

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Solange and Jay Z had a fight on an elevator at an event after the Met Gala and we were all shook

Jane the Virgin

Dozens of celebrity nudes were stolen and illegally posted on the internet

John Travolta totally botches Idina Menzel's name instead saying "Adele Dazeem" at the Oscars

Rise of ISIS

Robin Williams commits suicide


The ice bucket challenge was all over the place for a hot minute

How I Meet Your Mother ended and people were not fans of the finale

The winter Olympics are held in Sochi, Russia

U.S. restores diplomatic relations with Cuba

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin consciously uncoupled

Big Hero 6

Recreational marijuana use was legalized in four states and Washington, DC

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies from a drug overdose

We all got really excited for and then were quickly let down by Lifetime's Unauthorized Saved By the Bell

The Polar Vortex rocked our Midwest world in the coldest possible way

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappears

2014 was also a big year in my life ... I we said goodbye to my dad and then shortly after welcomed my nephew into the family

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