11 Tips for an Awesome Night at Home

Is anyone else ready for spring to be here? I know I am! Since we're still in winter here in the Chicago area I have been staying home a bunch. We all know when it's snowy out I go to work and go home unless absolutely necessary. With that in mind I've been working on enjoying my nights at home more. Through some trial and error I've found 15 tips that I think really make a dull night at home go to an awesome one!

Change your mindset
It's been a long week! Whether you're relaxing on a Friday night or Saturday get into that relaxing mindset. Don't think about everything that you feel like you should be doing, just sit back and enjoy.

Make it a movie night
Check out the latest offerings at the Redbox. I’m sure you’ll find something you haven’t seen before or something you’d enjoy seeing again. Or if you’re more of a streaming person there are lots of great movies on Netflix right now.

Try a new recipe
A lot of times we break out our fancy new recipes for when we have someone else to show it off to. I say why not do the same for yourself. You’ve been eyeing that awesome XXX recipe you pinned on Pinterest give it a go for yourself.

Splurge on dinner
Maybe you’re not a cooking type person or you just don’t want to this Friday night. It’s time to check out that new take out place you’ve been eyeing. This is the perfect time to not get all dressed up and go out but bring it in and enjoy.

Dress for the occasion
What is your relaxing outfit? Maybe it’s your PJs or jeans or even a ball gown. Mine is Kevin’s old basketball shorts (which are insanely comfy and he is still annoyed I commandeered them!) and a worn in T-shirt. Whatever you feel most comfortable in as soon as you’re home that night get into it!

Figure out your party size
Since this is your awesome night at home maybe it’s a party of one so you send off the hubby and kids to go to the grandparent’s house. Maybe it’s just you and the husband or you and some friends. It’s your night in you can invite or not invite whomever you want!

Game Time
For a crowd break out your favorite board games that you love but know they're sitting in that hall closet catching dust. You know you want to. Party of one? Break out a puzzle!

Pamper Yourself
We're living in the age of the face mask it seems. Take some time to peruse and find one from the store or purchase a fun one, like this Sleeping Beauty one, online. Paint your nails or finally take time to use that nail wrap you bought last year. 

Enjoy a Drink
or two! That's one thing I enjoy about staying in is not having to worry about how much the fancy drinks will cost or who is driving. It's nice to be able to enjoy some drinks and relax. It doesn't need to be alcoholic either. My new favorite drink is this awesome Citrus Berry Smash that Pampered Chef came out with earlier this year. 

Dessert first
Since the new year I've been working on only having dessert on occasion instead of a regular daily thing. Dessert is something that should be more special than it is! So for an awesome night at home it's totally ok to splurge on dessert. Treat yourself to a treat from the bakery or stop and grab your favorite Dairy Queen treat. Enjoying it during a relaxing night at home really makes it a special night in. 

Go to bed
One of the perks of being at home for the evening is that you can go to bed any time you want. Want to stay up a little later binging on the latest Real Housewives episodes? Go for it. Want to call it a night at 8pm because you've had a long week and are tired? Do it! On the weekend I enjoy spending some quality time snuggled up under the covers watching a movie. 

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