Highs and Lows of 2018

It's hard to believe that 2018 is coming to a close on Sunday. The years seem to be going by on warp speed but days feel like years. I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year and share some of my highs and lows of 2018 before getting my mind ready for a new calendar year! What were the best highs and lows of your 2018? Sound off in the comments!

Charleston Trip
Kevin and I had a blast this past year during our 4th of July trip to Charleston. We ate amazing food, saw some amazing sights and all around had just a great trip. Charleston had been on my trip list for a while so it was wonderful to cross it off the list. Although I definitely did not get to see everything I wanted to see so I'm pretty sure we'll be going back at some time. 

Weight gain
This unfortunately wasn't something that happened just in 2018 but it really came to a head for me this year. It wasn't just that I had gained weight I wasn't doing well overall in my healthy habits, or lack thereof I decided that I needed to take control of this fall. So I started up Weight Watchers again. I've been really enjoying the new program and I'm at an 8 lb. loss. So really this is a low point that starting to turn into a high point for me. 

Baby G the 3rd
In October we welcomed Juliette Elyse into the family! I know it's definitely been an adjustment for my brother and sister in law with three in the house now but she's such a cute little bundle we'll keep her. It was fun hanging out with her at Christmas since she's smiling and making faces now. She is starting to get a personality and I'm all for it. 

Old 101 list
I said good bye to my second 101 list. It's always tough for something to come to a close. I feel pretty good since I got 65 of the 101 list completed. I wanted to do more but sometimes life ya know. 

New 101 List

With every old list comes a new one! Starting a new 101 list is always a breath of fresh air a time for a new beginning. I've hit the ground running and have a number of items well in progress. I've even completed 7 at this time! While it's not as many as soooome people I am still very proud of what I've checked off and what I have in good progress at the moment. 

Friend loss 
As we grow older we can grow closer to people in our lives but sometimes we can grow apart. Unfortunately that's what happened this year in my life. I realized that certain friends no longer had time for me and were even influenced by others to stop being my friend. I'm not sure why that was but unfortunately it happened. I was really upset about it for a long time but I got to the point earlier this year where I decided not to let it make me upset anymore. 

Kevin's new job

August brought with it a new job for Kevin! He is still working in the sign industry as a project manager but this company has already been treating him way better. Recently they've even been talking about him working up to the next position by August. Overall he is so much happier with this company and in this position. 

I got a new job
I had been looking for a new position for a while now and finally something happened. Boy did it ever happen. Within just over two weeks I had applied, had multiple interviews and gave my notice. I started on the 17 and I will say it's been a bit of a low since the transition has been a rough one for me. Over the years I've realized that stress manifests itself in my stomach and the rest of my body. The past two weeks have been a little tough for me so in my free time I've been trying to take it easy. Hence why I've been so quiet on here and Instagram. 

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