Holiday Traditions

Now that we're full into the swing of the holiday season I thought it would be fun to share some of our holiday traditions! Everyone has their own traditions from when they decorate the tree to what they eat. I love hearing about all the different traditions that people enjoy during this time of year. Who knows when you might a new tradition for your own celebrations! I definitely want to hear all about your traditions in the comments.

Chocolate turkeys at Thanksgiving
In my mind we kick off the holiday season mid-November with the ramp up to Thanksgiving. A number of years ago the chocolate turkey recipe made it's way into our family collection. Ever since then it's been a must have on our Thanksgiving table. Kevin loves to remind me multiple times before, during and after Thanksgiving that these were the first gift I gave him.

Christkindlmarket visit
Nothing says holidays like getting hot chocolate in a little ceramic mug with our families. We've enjoyed going to both the market in Daley Plaza and the one in Naperville. Plus if you're looking for an iconic Chicago area Christmas tradition or something to do visiting the market is a definite on that list.

Ornament at Christkindlmarket 

Kevin and I a few years ago started a tradition within the tradition of the Christkindlmarket. We decided that after going crazy on the ornament purchases the first year that we would pick out one ornament together each year. We've gotten some amazing ornaments throughout the years.

Celebrating with my family
We used to spend Christmas Eve with my family but with the kids around now we've switched dates and have been celebrating on Christmas Day. Even though the dates have been switched what we do has still remained the same. We always pull out a new puzzle for us all to work on. That usually ends up being just Bethany and I plowing through the puzzle together. We enjoy a meal of munchies with delicious dips, cocktail weenies and other good eats. It's just a fun relaxed holiday.

Celebrating with Kevin's parents
We continue the chill Christmas with Kevin's parents. When we were at their house for Christmas Day we would head over mid morning for a later breakfast. Nothing like homemade pancakes and bacon! Now we've been enjoying dinner and hanging out.

After Christmas dinner with Kevin's cousins
There is always a get together with Kevin's cousins the week between Christmas and New Years. It usually involves Popeye's Chicken for dinner and several very competitive rounds of UNO. I'm not gonna lie Kevin and I tend to get pretty competitive!

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