Fall 2018 Goal Link Up Update

Hopefully we're all recovered from the time change this past weekend and well on our way into a good November. I thought it would be a good time to check in on fall goals and make sure myself (and you!) are staying on track. I'm always glad to take some time and review goals. It seems like there are always one or two that slip through the cracks and are forgotten. Are you keeping up on your fall goals? I hope so!

1. Plan out blogging calendar for the next year
I've been working on this one a ton! So far I've got ideas scheduled out as far as next summer. Been working a lot on actually writing to keep ahead so I haven't gone back yet and finished out the year.

2. Complete 4 courses from Genius Bloggers Toolkit

I had to make sure to sign up and download all the things before I didn't have access last month with the release of the new Genius Bloggers Toolkit. So after making sure I had access to everything and downloaded all the things I was able to start on all those great courses. I've totally completed one so far and I'm now about halfway through a second. 

3. Work our way through three rooms of the Year of Organizing Challenge

This needs to be made a priority. Kevin and I just have not done so. 

4. Figure out one way to wear a blanket scarf and wear it that way twice
Chicago has still been in this weird in between weather spell. It's not quite cool enough to warrant a full blown blanket scarf yet. I'm guessing the weather will get cooler really soon so I'll be able to start this one really soon. I've been pinning all sorts of tutorial and informative posts about blanket scarf wearing to my Super Model board so I'm going to go back and start looking through those.

5. Have a scrapbook day where I finish my Disney scrapbook
I've got the Saturday after Thanksgiving blocked out to really work on this scrapbook. I'm so far with this scrapbook it really shouldn't take me much time at all to finish I just have to really put my mind to it and finish.

6. Spend a day organizing family papers

I spent a day at the end of October at my mom's house working on papers. Haven't had the chance to order more folders or archival boxes yet but it feels good just to do the sorting and corralling. 

7. Do my first two week time spent tracking
I haven't even thought about doing this yet since things are still pretty nuts. I guess I just should do since life is not going to get any less nuts any time soon!

8. Figure out the crescent knitting pattern

This is a tough one that I had been putting off for so long. There is a crescent dishrag pattern that I've made in the past but it's a really large pattern so I'm working on creating a slightly different pattern that is smaller. So after finally finding a couple pieces of graph paper I've been working on creating the new smaller pattern. 

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  1. I feel like you're off to a great start!! The thought of trying to find and organize family papers seems far too overwhelming to me... so I am impressed you've started on that at all!