Do People Actually Buy This? Vol. 7

I realized that it had been a while since I shared some of my crazy shopping finds! They have just been piling up, waiting to be shared. August was definitely the month of the tassle and this month is definitely the month of the crazy bag. Not sure if it's because we're heading back to the 90s in all the different fashion that the bags are following that trend but the crazy bag is definitely here this season. 

Compared to some I've seen this is definitely more on the tame side since it's all a nice neutral black. I'm just not sure about a purse with ears, even a Mickey purse! Although this is a good subtle ear purse.

I still can't with all of these furry poof balls. They just make me shudder. I can just imagine it brushing against my arm right now and it's terrifying.

These bad boys are not something on my I can't imagine people buying they're on the every 90s girl must buy list. Who could forget the iconic Caboodles cases? If I wasn't paring down everything and actually could use something like this I would totally get one. The colors these days are much better too. I love that green marble.

Since we're already back in the 90s why not pick up this perfect Cher Horowitz in Clueless outfit. I'm not sure if the person who dressed the mannequin meant to dress it this way but I saw it from across the room and recognized the inspiration immediately!

Right now for some reason that I'm still trying to comprehend fuzzy bags are really in. I just don't get it. At all. It's not like you can wrap the bag around you to keep you warm. I guess you could stick your head in the backpack but would that really do anything besides suffocate you?

There is something about Sherpa fabric I just do not like it. Maybe it's how since it's white it always gets dirty immediately and then it just always looks dingy and gross. I'm not sure. Either way I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing these not one but three Sherpa purses on the clearance rack. 

I about died when I saw this purse! It's all of the things that make me cringe in one purse!!! From the Sherpa outside (how is that a thing?!) to the massive fuzzy keychain ugh. I still can't believe that this exists. The only thing that would make it crazier for me is if it had a tassle. 

Have you seen any crazy finds while shopping lately? How to do you feel about the Sherpa outside on bag trends?

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