6 Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Desk Job

I read somewhere recently that something like 86% of people in the United States work at a desk job. This means that so many of us are sitting down for most of the day and can lead to us being more unhealthy. I know that most of the time I'm sitting down doing research, designing exhibits and other projects that keep me tied to a desk. Even though I am sitting more than I would like there a certain things I do to infuse a little healthy in my work day. Do you work at a desk job? What do you do make it healthier?

Get up and walk
Getting up and walking is probably one of the best things you can do during your work day. My work has a fitness incentive day you can earn by walking at work so I know that helps me. Even if you don't have a work incentive for something like that take it upon yourself to take a break and walk or spend 10-15 minutes of your lunch hour walking. I am of the mind set if I need to talk to someone I'll get up and go ask them instead of calling and sending an email. Doing more of that I feel has good health benefits as well as building those relationships. Gotta love a double dip!

Take breaks often
This goes hand in hand with getting up and walking. Don't just sit glued to that computer. Take regular breaks to give your eyes a rest. Stretch a bit and then take a few minutes to walk around. Not only is it good for your body but taking a mental break can help you regroup and refocus on what you're looking to do and accomplish.

If you can make only one change I would suggest taking the stairs instead of the elevator. This is an easy thing that really doesn't change your schedule or day really at all. Stairs can be a pretty good quick workout if you work in a taller building too! Take the stairs your health will thank you.

Better chair
The right chair can make your back love you but the wrong one can give you health issues for years to come. Talk to your person or department who takes care of the furniture they might be able to hook you up with a better chair or there are some attachments that you put on the chair to make it better for your back. 

Drink water
Water is always a good idea whether or not you're at work or at home. Make sure you have a water bottle handy and keep it filled throughout the day. Not a huge fan of water? Make it something you can enjoy. Like using an infusion water bottle filled with delicious fruit flavoring your water. Use something like Crystal Light or Mio with all the different flavors out there your bound to find something you'll enjoy.  

Get up for lunch
Don't sit at your desk for lunch!! This is so important. Not only for your physical health but mental health as well. Don't let yourself work through lunch get up and go somewhere else to eat. Eating with other people is good for you to make and build those connections with other people at your work place. Also you should work on bringing your own lunch too. Not only can you control what you're eating so it's better for your health but it's good for your pocketbook too!

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