7 Awesome Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

Mornings are a pain in the butt. Let's just put that out there from the beginning. While they're a pain in all our butts some people are just better at them than other people. Although there is no reason why you can't rock our your morning and become a morning person too! I've got 7 awesome tips to help you become that morning person so you can conquer life and all your goals! Are you a morning person? Or does it take you a while to get going?

Go to bed earlier
Now that we're adults and don't have to worry about our curfew I think a lot of us just stay up super late. We definitely pay for it the next day don't we? There might be some of us who are more of night people and can actually get stuff done after a certain time. Let's be serious though for the majority of us after a certain time we're just fooling around online or watching another movie that we've seen tons of times. Get to bed earlier in the evening and you'll be able to wake up and be productive when you need to get up early. 

Prep in advance
Earlier in the year I shared 5 Things to Make Your Morning Better and prepping ahead of time is definitely on that list but I think it's so important it should be on this list. This time I'm talking about different prepping. Laying out your clothing and any other items you need for the day will make the next morning so much easier. Supposedly we spend almost an entire year during our life time standing in front of the closet figuring out what to wear. Keeping that in mind it makes getting going much easier in the morning if you are able to grab and go with your clothes. 

I know all to well how tough it can be to get up in the morning and dread going to work. Maybe the day before was crummy and you're not looking forward to dealing with any more ridiculousness. Putting yourself into a good attitude right away can completely change not just your morning but the rest of your day.  

Stop hitting snooze
Luckily this one has never been an issue for me, once I hear my alarm I'm up, but I know several friends who hit the snooze button so many times that they end up running late. Make a point to not hit the snooze button at all or if you really must only do it once. A friend told me she likes to put her alarm across the room so she has to get up and walk over to turn it off. It's really helped her to get going instead of falling back asleep several times and feeling crummy. 

Turn on music
This one might not be for everyone and if you live with someone else they might not appreciate it. First thing when I wake up I turn on music like some Disney tunes or some classic 1960s rock and roll. Most of the time you'll get upbeat tunes that will help you get going in the morning with some pep in your step. 

Figure out a routine
Most mornings I have a pretty set routine of what I do from wake up to when I walk of the door to go to work. A couple of weeks ago I woke up late and my routine was totally thrown off and I paid for it with how I felt the entire day. Figuring a routine out for your mornings can not only make it easier to get out the door but also will make things much smoother. When you constantly change things up your body and mind are freaking out and trying to adjust. 

Kevin swears by stretching in the mornings. He needs to do it because his back is always so stiff when he wakes up but he also finds that it helps him to actually wake up. It's almost like he's stretching the sleep out of his limbs and entire body. 


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