43 Free (or cheap) Date Ideas

When you're working on achieving financial goals in life that usually means you've got to save save save.  Just because you're working on saving it doesn't mean you can't have fun date nights. This winter Kevin and I are working on the financial 101 list items so that means cutting back on going out and spending money the next few months. He helped me devise a list of great free or really cheap date ideas. Many of these ideas we like to implement regularly, like visiting a free local museum or enjoying a fancier dish like steak at home. Do you have any free or really cheap date ideas you use regularly? I know we could definitely use more!!

Game night at home

Steak dinner at home

Outdoor picnic

Play strip poker

Indoor picnic

Free local museum

Fancy dessert out, dinner at home

Movie night at home

Use up gift cards for a night out

Find a deal

Build or make something together

Free walking tour

Shoot hoops at your local park

Watch a sunset together

Walk around the mall and chat

Attend a program at your local library

Find a place to stargaze

Volunteer together


Go to a free concert in the park

Look through real estate listings and wishful real estate together

Go fishing

Take a walk around your neighborhood

Garage sale together

Play with animals at your local shelter

Build a pillow fort

Read or listen to a book together


Go geocaching

Enjoy a program at your local park district

Bake treats together

Enjoy a local forest preserve together

Make microwave s’mores

Find a local place with free music

Mini golf

Build a snow fort

Give each other a shoulder massage

Attend a local high school or college sports game

Take a bunch of selfies together around your town plus for the silliest

Wake up early and watch the sunrise

Each of you pick out a podcast and listen to them together

Go to a busy area and people watch

Play Wii sports together

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