11 Things That Have Happened Lately

We've made it to the end of October! Did we even have a September or October? I'm still not even sure at this point but I know I did something since I've got the photos to prove it. It's been a busy couple of months and there is never enough time in the day to share everything. Thought I would catch you up since so many big things have happened lately. How has your fall been so far? As busy as mine?

Labor Day Weekend

I got to spend another great Labor Day weekend hanging out with my mom and the rest of the family. We ended the weekend with out annual watching of the Naperville parade. It was a little different this year since Mom wasn't actually walking in the parade. She actually got to sit and enjoy it with us. 

Gamma Phi Hike

I discovered in late August that I had more than enough vacation days to take off some extra time around the holidays that I had been wanting to take. So that left me with a few to burn. One of the Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae groups I'm active in had been taking hikes and getting lunch together on a regular basis during the work week. I couldn't have thought of a better way to use one of my vacation days! Besides the onslaught of mosquitoes part way through the hike it was fantastic. Perfect way to use a vacation day! I was even able to visit a museum after. 

Visiting the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

I was finally able to get a chance to enjoy the exhibits at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. You can read all about it in my post from last month.

Inflatable 5k

Bethany, Kevin and I had signed up for what I was hoping was a fun 5k waaaaay back in February. Well by the time the date rolled around early September our group was down a member with Bethany being almost 8 months pregnant at the time. Kevin and I had a blast with this one! While it called itself a run us and most of the people participated treated it more like a 5k walk. It was a blast! We completed the course in what I'd like to think is a pretty good time of about 30 minutes. I am definitely going to vote to do this one again next year. 

Lane's 4th Birthday

I'm amazed to say that Lane turned four at the end of September! There was a bit of a hiccup since he decided not to participate in swim class and if he didn't wouldn't have a birthday party. Well he was ok with that. So about a week and half later we did get together for casual dinner and ice cream cake. 

Becky spent the weekend in September 

The past couple of years Becky has come in for Labor Day weekend but this year because of our lack of getting our acts together she wasn't able to because of work. She was able to come in two weeks later though! We had a blast. There was our awesome troll hunt at the Morton Arboretum and I took her for a massage for a belated birthday gift. Needless to say I slayed it in the gift department. We even headed to Lane's school for an Oktoberfest fundraiser. It was a blast. As usual it's never quite enough time.

Open House Chicago 

When the middle of October rolls around in Chicago you know it's time for Open House Chicago! Last year unfortunately we got rained out but this year the weather was really good if a bit chilly early on in the day. We were all over the downtown area from the West Loop all the way up to the Gold Coast. One of my must visits was the Big Monster Toy building. It did not disappoint! Then we headed to several houses of worship, including hiking almost 200 steps to the highest chapel in Chicago. 

Juliette Elyse

This is probably the biggest happening that happened recently. You might have seen it on my Instagram, earlier this week I became an aunt for the third time. We welcomed Juliette Elyse into the family. She is so cute and already giving plenty of attitude. There is definitely a time of adjustment I think going from two to three. There will definitely be more photos of her coming in the future! The yawning photo is my favorite of her so far. 

Cooking up a storm

I have been rocking out the 50 new Pampered Chef recipes lately. Averaging about 2 a week since the beginning of the summer I'll conquer this 101 List item in no time. We've been really enjoying trying out different recipes that combine ingredients we enjoy but new and different ways of cooking. There are plenty that are going to become staples in our house I think. 

Cousin's Wedding

This past weekend Kevin, Mom and I headed up to the Fond du Lac area of Wisconsin for my cousin Kristy's wedding. It was so much fun. There was a good turn out from the Schmidt family. We stayed up way later than usual and I'm definitely super tired as I write this paragraph the day after. Well worth it though! The ceremony was lovely and the church was beautiful. In fine Schmidt fashion we spent the couple of hours between the ceremony and reception enjoying a lot of adult beverages in the hotel lobby. Certain uncles might have been very happy when we got to the reception. There was lots of dancing, some good and some not as good. Kevin and I need to take lessons again I think ha.  

History Happy Hour

This monthly event at the Chicago History Museum has become a very popular event not only with history lovers in the city but also with my friends. I finally was able to join them for one. We enjoyed looking at creepy artifacts and documents from the collection. I enjoyed sharing some of the creepy Chicago stories I know with them as well. They didn't believe me at first about the devil baby at Hull House. Fun evening! 

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