Pampered Chef Fall 2018

When September first rolls around most people are excited to go back to school or more importantly for their kids to go back to school. When September first rolls around in our house we're excited because it means it's a brand new season for Pampered Chef!! It means new fabulous products, tools and most importantly delicious recipes. Today I've got a round up of a few of my favorite products for the new season. 

Quick Cooker
This season's big product is definitely the Quick Cooker. It's Pampered Chef's version of an at home pressure cooker. I'm not going to lie I was a bit skeptical about this product when we heard about it in August. OH yes you're talking about all these amazing things it can do with it's 16 different settings and better safety features than other pressure cookers on the marker but in my head I was thinking about how this is just another fad. 

Since actually having the chance to see it in action and use it at several meetings I'm definitely changing my tune. At our last meeting we had some amazing carnitas and even cheesecake! All made in minutes not hours like usual. In the recipe video you'll be able to actually see it in action. 

Pampered Chef has come up with two accessory sets so you can make your Quick Cooker into so much more. I think my favorite might be the Quick Cooker Springform Pan. I mean come on look at the photo below? Can you go wrong with cheesecake like this? Nope never! It was stupid good.

Baking Pans
What is one of the main things you think about when it comes to holiday food? Baking!! This season Pampered Chef has outdone themselves with new baking pans to make your holiday baking, gift giving and enjoyment of food so much better. There is a new Donut Pan and Waffle Stick Pan why there are even new Fall and Winter decorative cake pans. 

I'm so excited to make all sorts of treats for friends, family and co-workers this year. I've already got tons of ideas swimming around in my head! Who wouldn't want to make chocolate donuts to share with everyone in their life? Well at least the second batch will be for everyone else, I'm not sure the first will make it out of the kitchen. I'm already planning on suggesting a waffle stick bar for Christmas morning with my family, pretty sure Lane and Elowen would love that. Heck I'm pretty sure all of the adults will love it. 

This time of year is big for entertaining. Granted Kevin and I don't tend to do a ton in our own house but I love to take my show on the road and bring whatever I can for a party at someone else's. This year there are some fantastic products for those of us who enjoy a good party. 

My favorite and probably most used of the new products is the brand new and super fab Premium Cocktail Set. I've somehow become the resident bartender at our Pampered Chef meetings, yes a bartender at a work meeting it's a good job! As someone who loves a good fancy drink but always thinks about how I could never do something like that at home I was stoked when this bad boy came out. I've totally fallen in love with this Citrus Berry Smash recipe. You totally use everything and do fancy techniques but it was so simple, I've even taken the basic recipe and changed up the ingredients and made it my own. So good. 

There is also a great Cheese Board Set (you can also buy them separately). This beautiful acacia wood set is available while supplies last since it's the holiday pieces but you can really use them year round. I have the one from last year and it's always such a statement piece in it's beautiful simplicity.

These are just a few of the new fall products there are a bunch more new wonderful products as well as some older ones that got fabulous new revamps. I can't wait to do more cooking this fall with Pampered Chef! What new product would you want in your kitchen?

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