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It's time for fall goals!! As I write this my mind is yelling NOOOOOOOO. I'm in hardcore denial that we're saying it's not summer anymore. I'm not even sure where summer went. Did I even do anything this summer? Yes I did tons of things and it was so much fun! So here is my recap for my summer goals. I kicked butt this summer. I completed way more goals than I didn't complete. That feels awesome. So grab the image and link up. Can't wait to see how you rocked the summer and what you're planning on accomplishing this fall!

1. Enjoy at least three Chicago rooftops
Stephanie and I ended up getting to two different rooftops! This puts me at almost halfway through this 101 list goal.

2. Complete at least three puzzles

3. Clean out my entire car
Now to keep it clean for my 101 list!

4.  Schedule posts for during our Charleston Trip

5. Dabble once

6. Host garage sale with Mom & Bethany

7. Secret goal
I've done this goal as much as I could since the frequency (which was part of my goal) is unfortunately out of my control. So while I technically can't say I achieved it I pretty much did.

8. Cross off one 101 list item

Fall 2018 Goals

1. Plan out blogging calendar for the next year
I've been feeling the lack of any plan the last six months. So starting from right now I'm going to work on planning out for the next year.

2. Complete 4 courses from Genius Bloggers Toolkit
Last year I purchased Genius Bloggers Toolkit but haven't made time to do many of the courses. I think I just overwhelm myself since there are soooo many. Starting with three is a good number.

3. Work our way through three rooms of the Year of Organizing Challenge
Kevin and I have totally fallen down on the year of organization. We discussed it last week and decided that if we work hard at it we can still get it done by the end of the calendar year. So we're going to work hard at it!

4. Figure out one way to wear a blanket scarf and wear it that way twice
Figuring out how to wear a blanket scarf three different ways is a 101 list item. I have a couple that I got as gifts and love the way they look. Every time I try and wear them I feel like I have a huge puffy animal wrapped around my neck. So I've started to pin a bunch of examples and I'm going to work on it this fall! If you've got any good examples of how you wear yours let me know.

5. Have a scrapbook day where I finish my Disney scrapbook
I have literally been working on this one scrapbook for a year and a half. Not that I'm so slow it's that I never take time to actually work on the darn thing. If you saw my Instastories from a couple weeks ago you'll have seen that we changed around our living room a little bit. I saved up Amazon gift cards I earned and purchased a nice sized folding table. This way I can work on my scrapbooking more often! Plus when I need one for Pampered Chef events I don't have to figure out how to get Mom's table.

6. Spend a day organizing family papers
Mom has been rocking out her cleaning and organization of her house. This means that she's been pulling out more and more family papers that need to be sorted and gleaned. So I really need to get on it and work on those papers which is my end of the deal.

7. Do my first two week time spent tracking
This is a 101 list item that I've sort of been dreading. I can hazard a guess at how I spend my time but it's going to be a whole other thing to actually track it and see the numbers.

8. Figure out the crescent knitting pattern
I've found a great crescent dishrag pattern the only thing is it's huge! I need to figure out how to write out a knitting pattern so I can make it smaller. You would think that there would be some sort of online free tool so you can do something like that but I haven't found it yet. If you're a knitter and know a simple way to write patterns I'd love to hear it!!

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