6 Things To Do On Sunday To Have a Great Week

In my efforts the past several years to really work on improving my adulting I've discovered that I was starting my week wrong. I was using Sunday as a second day to totally goof off and do nothing productive. This led to Monday being stressful and feeling like I was behind all week. To work on changing that feeling I've had to work on changing the way I think about the week. I've discovered that there are a few things I do on Sunday to have a great week. Is there anything you do in particular to set yourself up for a great week?

Go over your calendar
Take some time and plot out your week. I like to take 20 minutes, sit down with Kevin and talk about our schedules for the week. We go through the calendar and make sure we know when we're both going to be home in the evening and who is out when. I've found that by actually taking a few minutes to look through the calendar together we're on the same page more. It has even helped catch some events and commitments that didn't end up on the calendar like they should. Take a few minutes on Sunday to make sure everyone know's what is on the schedule for the week.

If you've got a free Sunday take some time to relax during the day. If you're busy during the day make sure to take a little time before bed to relax. We have such a run around life these days even on the weekends that take an hour or two just to relax before the work week crazy sets in can really help. I find setting some time to get more read on the book I'm enjoying, scrapbooking for a bit or do a little self pampering. Taking that you time to relax just sets the week off on a good foot, hopefully a relaxed one.

Early to bed
Since we're all so busy I know a lot of us end up burning the candle at both ends. We're up late hanging out with friends or we allowed the kids to stay up past their bed time over the weekend. When we get out of that bed time routine it can really be fun but really mess with us. I know I've said it in the past but one Dad piece of advice I like to take now that I'm a ripe old age of 33 is to get my sleep on the front end of the night. Get to bed early! I always lump my relaxing and before bed time together so I can decompress before the week starts.

Focus on food
In addition to talking about our calendar for the week we do a rough talk about what we're going to do for dinner. Then I've even been taking it up a notch and taking whatever protein we want for dinner out of the freezer to make sure that whole chicken thaws by the time we want to eat it on Wednesday. In addition to figuring out what our dinners are going to look like for the week I make sure to prep parts of my lunches. I'm lucky that we have a hot lunch twice a week at work so I only have to prep for three days. I'll make sure my fruit is cut up and in individual containers as well as my veggies. So during the week I just need to plunk them in my lunch bag. Shoot go all out and do it for your snacks and breakfasts too.

Make a to do list
We all have those things we need or want to get done during the week. I have blog posts to write the night before they need to be posted or all sorts of Pampered Chef related business. I'm sure you're in the same boat where you want to get lots done during the week but half the time find yourself not getting things accomplished since you've forgotten half of what you need and want to do. Making a weekly to do list will help corral all of those tasks and make sure you're not forgetting anything

Clean ... a little
I find by the time Sunday night rolls around there are certain areas of our condo that have just exploded. Like the pile of clean clothes that I just haven't brought myself to put away yet or the fact that I felt the need to pull out all of my toiletries on our bathroom counter. Not sure why they end up so messy and I just can't bring myself to clean them but they sit. Take some time to clean up these well used areas of the house. I find when I start the week with those important areas messy I feel stressed and out of control. When I take a little time and make sure they're tidy the week starts off much better for me. Maybe it's the kids toys or you always tend to leave dishes from the weekend until Monday. Find your couple of spots where when they're clean it reduces your weekly stress and make sure to take some time to tidy them up.

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