30 Things That Happened in 1993

When I say think about 25 years ago what do you think of? Does it conjure up thoughts of high school? Maybe you're remembering elementary school and the terrible matching legging outfits your mom made you wear but were so cool then. Although looking back maybe they weren't ever cool. Either way we've jumped back 25 years in this installment of 30 Things That Happened. What all do you remember from 1993?

The 51 day siege on the compound outside of Waco, TX belonging to religious group Branch Davidians by American federal and Texas state law enforcement and US military started on February 28 and ended on April 19

We felt the rhythm and the rhyme when Cool Runnings was released

Women were not allowed to wear pants on the US Senate floor until 1993 after Senators Barbara Mikulski and Carol Moseley Braun defiantly staged a protest by wearing pantsuits.

Kim Campbell becomes the first female Prime Minister of Canada

Audrey Hepburn looses the battle to cancer

Schindler's List

Buckingham Palace's doors are open to the public ... even if it's only just for a little bit

The 1993 VHS release of Aladdin sold 10.6 million copies ... in its first week!!

Pentium Processer was invented in 1993

We said as you wish one last time to Andre “the Giant” Roussimoff

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is signed into law by US President Bill Clinton

We all lost our s*** over Beanie Babies

Mrs. Doubtfire

World Wide Web was born at CERN

World Health Organization estimated that 14 million people worldwide infected with the AIDS Virus

Brandon Lee is killed while filming The Crow

The first cloning of a Human Embryo by 2 American Scientists

Wayne's World

Actress Kim Basinger weds actor Alec Baldwin

World Trade Center is bombed

Apartheid is officially ended in South Africa

Police begin investigations of child abuse by Michael Jackson

Chicago Bulls win their 3rd Championship in a row

Hocus Pocus became our favorite Halloween movie

River Phoenix overdoses

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