Summer 2018 Goals UPDATE!

Since the summer has been such a gosh darn busy one for me I thought it would be good accountability to check back in with my summer goals I shared in June. When you're so busy it's easy to loose sight of those goals and I definitely don't want to to that! How have things been going for your summer goals? Do you feel like you're going to accomplish them before the end of September?

1. Enjoy at least three Chicago rooftops
I'm actually doing really well with this goal. I've crossed two off the list and I have a get together planned for another rooftop next weekend!

2. Complete at least three puzzles
This goal is going terrible! I started a puzzle in June and it just sat on the table until last week when Kevin made me put it away. I need to start actually working towards this goal. It doesn't help that I piled stuff on top of the puzzle. To really help with this goal I think I need to keep the puzzle clear and make a point to work on it at least 5-10 minutes a day. 

3. Clean out my entire car
I didn't even remember that this was a goal! Clearly it's a good thing that I decided to take a mid-summer look at the goals. Today I'm going to see if there is time the next few weeks and schedule it my calendar. 

4.  Schedule posts for during our Charleston Trip
Done! This actually turned out to be a simpler one for me surprisingly.
5. Dabble once
I'm still looking into what Dabble classes I want to take, there are just so many. I have several people who said they would Dabble with me so there is organizing that part of it too. I should be able to get this one accomplished though.
6. Host garage sale with Mom & Bethany
Done! It went really well too. We sold a lot of stuff and made sure that nothing came back into the house! Everything went straight to Goodwill.

7. Secret goal
This one has been a tough one. There are things relating to this one that I can't control but when I've been able to I've gotten it accomplished. So I think so far I've been doing well at this one.

8. Cross off one 101 list item
I've crossed two 101 list items off this summer!! Go to Charleston and read ten books that I'm interested in. I've recently gotten super into books on tape ... or technically books on app. It just sounds better books on tape I think. I subscribed to Scribd in June and I'm addicted. Books are playing all the time now. It was such breeze to get through the ten. Shoot I think I've listened to at least 20 at this point. Makes for a much better commute.  

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