Do People Actually Buy This?!? Vol. 6

It's been an interesting summer with some interesting finds during shopping trips. I feel like the furry tassle trend that I've been sharing in volume 5 and volume 4 have just been continuing. Still pretty sure this is a trend that needs to be retired. Some of my finds this time I actually could possibly see purchasing ... if they went on clearance! Have you seen any crazy things lately in your shopping trips?

These shoes are definitely one of the finds that I don't mind that much. Don't get me wrong they're still ridiculous and I'm not sure if there is ever a good place to wear them but they're not ghastly.

I really just can't handle tassels and pom poms. They drive me bonkers. I think it's a texture thing. 

Does one need to have what looks like a whole head of blue hair covering their chest? I'm pretty sure we can do without that look. 

In design meeting ... yes we have this lovely turquoise necklace but something is missing. We need to add something ... yes you know what it needs?! Pink pom poms! 

Found this beauty in the 70% off clearance section. This is another where it's not awful but where as an adult would this work? I don't have anything that would even look proper with it haha. 

These purses. I just can't. There is so much wrong here. First it's a fur hand bag that you'd have to hold over your arm. The straps are too small for you to fit on your shoulder. Who would want something furry and warm sitting on their arm like that? Also I'm not sure about anyone else but when I hold my purse in my elbow and I'm running around doing errands it can get a little sweaty. Yeah that sounds awful with that purse.

Secondly how gross and dirty would these get?! I feel like they would attract every piece of dirt. That pink one you could never put it down even on a table. It would get dirty immediately. These fabrics are better left on your bathmat.

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