Do People Actually Buy This?! Volume 5

This week has been one where I only want to think about fun stuff for some reason. It's been a while, since March to be specific, since I've shared a Do People Actually Buy This?! post. I haven't been doing as much shopping so my crazy sightings haven't been as frequent or maybe designers are just tamer. 

I couldn't believe that I actually saw shoes with the giant puff ball out in the wild! A woman at the airport was wearing these heels. Even though they worked well with her outfit I still can't get over the giant puff. I just can't. 

There is just so incredibly much that is wrong with this photo. On first glance I was like this is so cool and I need this! One doesn't often find cool historical things like this. Then I noticed it says phonograph above the price, ok that's cool. Then I check the tag attached to the phonograph and it's talking about how 1962 was a big year and yadda yadda. I'm sorry but 1962?? I'm pretty sure whoever did research for the authenticity of when phonographs like this one were actually used.

This bag feels very early 2000s to me. Wasn't that the time where we combined the little backpacks of the 90s and the clear plastic that was popular? This one isn't super crazy but still more out there than most bags.

I'm not sure if it's the glitter or the fact that they're slides. I feel like if it was a full shoe it wouldn't be quite as much. As they are there is just so much going on. Also where would one wear shoes like this?

These PJ pants are so ridiculous they're amazing. I would actually buy these. I feel like with PJ pants you can have some crazy ones. Really I just wanted to share these amazing Space Jam pants because come on!

Again like the glitter shoes there is just too much happening with these I think. The pattern is crazy and they're the tighter briefs. I'm not sure this is a pattern than most or even any guy would go for. Any guy in your life want golden pineapple briefs?

I can't get over the fact that fanny packs are a thing again. I feel like there are some fashion trends that should only have lived one life. If nothing else one shouldn't be experiencing it again in their life time. For me I feel like fanny packs are one of those trends.

We're now entering the furry section of our blog post. Even though it's spring and now summer the fur seems to still be flying! Or maybe it's creeping. Creeping all over chairs it seems. This chair and the one below are just a couple of the furry furniture pieces I've seen out and about. I would hate to have that fur rubbing against my legs in the humid weather we've been having in Chicago lately. Nope nope nope. Also neither of these chairs actually look like they would be comfortable at all. 

I think there is a reason there are so many of these left and with the price at that much of a discount. Would you or have you bought anything like any of the items?

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