5 Blog Things to Do Without a Computer

It's not often that we find ourselves disconnected especially when there are blog posts to write but sometimes that can happen. My IT friend is helping me change out the hard drive to my computer this week which means I'm without it for several days! The horror right? That means I have to think of other ways to work on my blog. So I thought I'd share today five things to do for your blog when you don't have a computer. 

1. Think about change 
Sometimes we get so bogged down in the gotta have a new post, gotta share all the photos and all the things. Getting focused on all of those details can leave our bigger pictures incomplete and not their best. Look over your theme and what you write about, now is a good time to work on that. Do you need to add some topics? Do you need to eliminate some topics? Do you need to totally change your niche? Take some time to think about these important parts of your blog without distraction. 

2. Brainstorm topics
I love to keep my brainstorming topics in a little notebook. In the past I've shared good places and times to brainstorm, there is definitely no better time when you don't have the distraction of a computer. This will help you get ahead and have a whole new slew of topics to start writing once you get that computer back. 

3. Focus on social media
This is a bit of a cheater one but I'm going to allow it. Since most social media is better when you work on it through the apps this is a great time to focus on those areas. I know I'm always saying I need to work on Pinterest organization, writing Instagram comments and just scheduling content. 

4. Get out there and get some content
Now is the perfect time for you to get out there and live! I know when I've got a list of topics just sitting there half the time it takes forever to write the posts since I need to get photos and information. Food blogger? Take this time to make all those recipes that you just don't seem to have time for and get the photos taken. 

5. Make new friends
In the Chicago area we've got several blog groups like the Windy City Blogger Collective or the Chicagogrammers. Taking time to get to know other bloggers and attend events is a great way to spend non-computer time. Check to see if there is a group like that in your area or if you're in a more rural area see if there is another blogger close to you. Meeting other bloggers can be a great way to try new places and get some good content for posts. 

What blog tasks do you accomplish sans computer? 

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