3 Things to Make With Your Veggie Strip Maker

A couple seasons ago Pampered Chef came out with the Veggie Strip Maker. I was so excited for this one since Kevin and I had gotten into making veggie pasta on a somewhat regular basis and my fingers just weren't feeling the Julienne Peeler anymore. The Veggie Strip Maker is a great product if you're just dipping a toe into recipes like Easy Zucchini Linguini. The $14.50 price makes it affordable enough to where if you only use it once and a while you won't feel guilty.

The entire Veggie Strip Maker is made out of plastic so once you're done using it there is no hard clean up, just toss it right into your dishwasher! Since it's made out of plastic aka no metal blades that means its safe for kids to use. I also love the versatility of have the non-slip feet to use it to strip over a cutting board or the ability to sit it on a bowl with the notches.

Now on to the good stuff!

1. Veggie Pasta
The most common way that we've been using it is for good old zucchini pasta. At this time we haven't branched out yet and tried to incorporate more veggies like the Vegetable Primavera recipe does but it's only a matter of time! The Vegetable Primavera is a perfect recipe when you want to use several veggies in one dish.

Since Kevin always needs meat with his meal we have enjoyed adding meatballs or ground up meat to the extra red sauce. If you're going to use a pesto or tapenade try cooked shrimp with it instead.

2. Hash Browns   
I've been told by several consultants that the Veggie Strip Maker will make the best hash browns you've ever had. Well Kevin and I made a point to test that theory this week. We don't tend to eat full on breakfast food very often, we're more bagel or cold cereal type people. With that being said we do enjoy making hash browns as a dinner side. So that's just what we did. Check out the GIF for our results.

The hash browns were really good! This will definitely be a go t
o for potatoes.

3. Cauliflower Rice 
As a person who is always all about the carbs switching over to zucchini pasta every now and then was tough but now that we've gone that way I don't think it would be too hard. I've tried out the Cauliflower "Rice" recipe at several meetings and think it's a good stepping stone to enjoying cauliflower rice. I know several people who love the Hawaiian style.

What is your favorite use of veggie strips or spirals?

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