Things Disney Gave me Unrealistic Expectations About

I love Disney. I've shared this love throughout the years with posts like Getting to Know You Disney Quiz and our magical Disney Honeymoon. While some people might think I have nothing to say against Disney there are definitely more than a few things that Disney has given me unrealistic views about. 

My hair
In the world of Disney hair is an amazing thing. It flows perfectly with the wind, wakes up without being a mess and styles exactly how you want it to look. I mean come on Ariel is styling her hair with a fork for goodness sake! Thank goodness for the newer princesses like Tiana and Anna with their after a hard day of work hair and bedhead. Although even with the messed up hair Tiana still looks lovely.

Even throughout the day the hair of everyone looks perfect. Not just the cartoons but have you ever seen a hair out of place on Mary Poppins? Me either. She hops into pictures, has tea on the ceiling and is always putting on and removing her hat. How is her hair so darn perfect?! I can't even make it to the car in the morning after a wash my hair day with my hair looking somewhat good. My hair is definitely not practically perfect in every way.

That your makeup is always pefection
I remember watching the early Disney princess movies and thinking how lovely their lipstick always looked, even after some kissing. Not just lipstick but there was never any make up smudging, even after tears or rain. I'm not sure who their make up artists were but I think I need to meet said person. Although thank goodness for Charlotte & Mulan's matchmaker and their smudged make up. We're not even going to get into the whole Mulan takes off her make up part!

Random animals would be a bigger part of my life

In almost every Disney movie you'll find animals stepping up their game, helping their humans and talking to them too! How awesome is that? Shouldn't there be random animals that just come along and help me with the mundane tasks of styling my hair in the morning and cleaning the tub? I feel like this should happen more. You see dogs picking up newspapers and such every now and then but I feel like every animal should be helping us out. 

I also figured that they would just be there more. Like in Sleeping Beauty all the forest animals just end up chilling with her while she's sitting there. Shouldn't more animals come up to me lovingly? I feel like all I get is an angry goose when I'm walking around the pond by work. It does not seem happy to see me.

That everyone just breaks out into song
Growing up I used to dance my way around the house and sing to myself like many characters in Disney movies do. I thought that this was how you were supposed to go about life, dancing and singing. I thought how wonderful it would be when big song numbers and song montages would break out in the middle of my life. Life would feel so much better and faster if everything we didn't like to do was done through a quick song. I seriously thought this would be a bigger part of my life. 

Sassy sidekicks are not a daily thing

I definitely blame Disney but also I think every romantic comedy out there. A sassy side kick is always a must have in these movies, whether it's human or animal. I consider myself and my best friend each others sassy side kicks but the problem is we live three hours apart. You always see the sassy sidekicks with the heroine pretty much every day. They usually work together, play together and live like right next to each other. Even the animal sidekicks are always there. So why is it that my sassy sidekick/bff is never there to get me through the day? Uncool!

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  1. I still just randomly break out into song because of Disney - the world would be a better place if others did it with me :)