6 Simple Ways to Clean Up Your Blog

With spring technically almost at an end you might think it's too late for some spring cleaning but now is the perfect time to do some cleaning on your blog. We all get so bogged down in making sure that we get great content out there that sometimes we don't focus on anything else. That allows things to become broken or out of date and we don't even realize it! I've got six things that will help you clean up your blog as we go into summer! Are you guilty of needing to do any of these clean ups?

Check old photos
This is actually a really bad one for me I've noticed. If you head back to some of my older posts like these two from 2012. As you can see there is some weird crap happening with photos and some of the photos aren't even showing up anymore! I have quite a long list of posts like this to fix unfortunately! Tackle one post at a time and don't let yourself be overwhelmed with it. I know for some of them it's required going back on multiple hard drives to find the photos but I use that as time to do a little digital organizing along the way too. Double clean up!

Refresh your About Page
Checking your About page I've found is something that we should be doing regularly. I might have noticed that I still had in mine about Kevin being in Stache ... he left in 2013! Whoops! I swear I took care of that years ago but clearly I hadn't been checking my About me on the regular so I missed it. There are so many great posts that people have shared on how to write a killer about me page. I've saved some of the ones I've been using to update mine on my Blog Board. Do you have a post that really helped you update yours? Please share! I'm still working on cleaning up my about me so I'd love any recommendations.

Organize your Pinterest Boards
I've loved the fact that Pinterest has added an extra level of organization with the board sections. I mean you should see my Travel Board it's a thing of organized beauty if I do say so myself! While that one board might be in top fighting shape many of my others are not. This is a good while you're relaxing project, take 5 minutes and just organize as much as you can. Sometimes that means doing the easy ones that make up a really obvious section sometimes that can be figuring out a really annoying one that takes up the entire 5 minutes. Chipping away at that 5 or 10 minutes at a time will have your boards cleaned up in no time!

Delete some old posts
Deleting old posts can be a really easy task or it can be a really difficult one. As someone who sees the value in the ridiculous and random old posts I used to write kinda like when I used to share hilarious Pins I found like this Puppies one, which yes is missing half the photos now! Some of these older posts I'm torn about deleting or keeping since some are actually about life. Maybe the puppies one can go since I have no idea what those pins were at this point. Deleting is tough but if it's something that doesn't fit your blog theme anymore or is just plain too broken to fix it might be time to delete it.

Update some old posts
The next couple of tasks can definitely be the more time consuming ones. I've looked back on posts like Grandma's Mac & Cheeese Casserole and thought I really need to give this post a face lift. First off there is the centered text then we realize that this was my black frame phase and also these were taken in our old condo where the kitchen never saw the light of day. Taking time to update and improve old posts can work miracles. All of a sudden a post that wasn't so interesting to people might get lots of new comments and pins. Who knows maybe that post you've been procrastinating updating is the next viral sensation.

Update your look
Updating the look of your blog can mean a number of things. Maybe it's as big as looking at the design it's self and saying it needs a major change. Maybe it's as simple as saying this one small thing, like your Instagram widget on the side bar is broken and needs to be fixed. Sidebar adds and buttons make you have to scroll down for five minutes? It might be time to update your look and delete few of those guys.

Happy Blog Cleaning!

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