5 Tips for Surviving Chicago Festivals

Be sure to wear sunscreen
If you only go out at night to catch the headliners you might not have this issue but if you’re heading out early you better heed my warning. Most fests are not under shade. They’re in the middle of the street and you’ve got the hot sun beating down on you. You’ll want to make sure you have applied sunscreen.

Dress for the occasion
This kind of goes along with the first one. If you’re planning on standing around all day listening to bands you’ll want comfortable shoes and outfit. I’ve seen lots of girls standing around listening to bands for several hours in stilettos I’m not sure how they do it. Also remember your sunglasses!

Make sure you have food
Most fests usually go hand in hand with delicious food, like Taste of River North or Maifest. Sometimes though food is not the main feature so you might get stuck with the normal festival/carnival style food. If you’re good with those options then by all means enjoy but if you’re not make sure to either eat before you head out or find a good option nearby.

It’s going to be hot out so you’ll want to be sure to have lots of water but even more importantly since you’re going to be enjoying copious amounts of purse alcohol you’ll want to make sure to keep hydrated. Both to use a mixer for the purse alcohol and to keep you hydrated you’ll want that bottle of water. Bonus!

Have a plan
You might be thinking to yourself that it's summer and we're supposed to just be relaxing! Yes I'm right there with you on relaxing but some weekends there are multiple amazing fests that you'll want to check out. You'll need to do some planning to make sure you catch your favorite bands like 16 Candles at one fest in Lincoln Park and then LAVA Rock at one in Jefferson Park. This will definitely take some planning.

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