Museum of Contemporary Art

Just north of the Loop nestled between two parks in the Gold Coast you'll find the Museum of Contemporary Art. What started as a simple idea in 1964 to bring contemporary art to Chicago has become a world renowned museum throughout the years. 

This is usually where I would tell you how amazing their permanent exhibit is and you should really make sure to see my favorite piece of artwork but the Museum of Contemporary Art is different. Even though they have a permanent collection of over 2,500 pieces of art they don't display them in a permanent manner but use them in temporary exhibits with pieces on loan. You can actually browse through their permanent collection online!

I know I've shared in the past that contemporary art is one thing I don't tend to understand and have a hard time appreciating. I decided that during this visit I was going to take my own advice. Instead of focusing on absorbing everything I let myself gravitate towards pieces that really caught my eye and pulled me in.

This massive multi level installation was one of my favorite pieces. The knitted fibers made me think of my mom and how much she would love something like that. It makes me think that a giant Spider Man left the web at the museum. 

There were also pieces that caught my eye because of how odd they are, like the giant blob with eyes.

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