8 Tips for Surviving Summer in Chicago

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It seems like we were literally just trying to survive a Chicago winter and now in the course of a weekend we've been thrust completely into Chicago summer with some crazy humidity and almost 100 degree weather. Stunned by the crazy onslaught of summer? So am I! Here are some tips I have to help you make it through

Use the pedway
Below the streets of the Loop you'll find a well kept Chicago secret. The Chicago Pedway. Built starting in 1951 it is a great way to avoid the snow in the winter but I find it a great summer tool too. Connecting over 50 buildings in the Loop it's a nice cool way to move around the Loop.

Find a friend with a boat
Many people take to the lake when the weather gets hot. If you know someone with a boat be sure to get yourself an invite. Can't find a friend with a boat? I guess hanging out on the beach will be just as good. Find the friend with the boat!

Shop till you drop
Take some time to enjoy one of several malls in the downtown area. Like Macy's On State Street, Block 37 or Water Tower Place. You'll be inside in the air conditioning and won't even know what it feels like outside.

Enjoy a drink on one of the many rooftop bars
Grab a frosty drink or a fresh cool fruity drink, a few friends and relax. While you might still be outside in the heat you’ll be enjoying yourself so much you won’t even notice. Plus you'll probably be enjoying a fantastic view of the city.
Take in a matinee performance
With so many different theaters in the area you have your pick of great afternoon shows. This is a great option for so many reasons. By taking in a matinee the price is waaaaaay cheaper that taking in that evening show. This means you could get the better seats for a better price or take in the super popular show that’s always sold out in the evening. Plus you’ll be in a nice cool theater taking in the beautiful architecture of the Chicago theaters during the hottest parts of the day.

If you can’t beat it join it
Maybe you don’t want to spend time inside or have had no luck finding anyone with a boat. So you’ve decided not to let the heat get to you and enjoy the weather anyways. There are so many great things to enjoy and do outside in the summer. You can visit a zoo or enjoy one of the many parks.

Prepare for the heat
One might think that since you're in a city and in-between all those large buildings you're going to be fine. Oh no trust me you'll definitely want to prepare like any other day out. Be sure to wear sunscreen. Especially if you're going to be near the river or the lake since the sun reflects off water like crazy. Also make sure if you're going to be outside for the day to keep hydrated.

Live at the festivalsThere are so many festivals in Chicago during the summer that you could really live at the them the entire summer. Grab a drink, whether it's a beer from the vendor or the purse alcohol your friend brought, and have such a good time you won't even realize it's so dang hot out. 

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