15 Things You Didn't Know Were Invented In Chicago

15 Things You Didn't Know Were Invented In Chicago by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

Chicago has always been a city that is striving to move forward and improve the world. With that drive comes many inventions and creations. Many of which we use today in our every day lives. You might find a few on this list that you didn't know. There might even be some that are a lot older than you thought too. Who knew that that vacuum cleaners were 150 years old?!

The vacuum cleaner (1868)

The Skyscraper (1884)

The mechanical dishwasher (1886)

Softball (1887)

The Ferris wheel (1893)

Open-heart surgery (1893)

Zipper (1893)

Brownie (1893)

First gay rights group in the US (1924)

Twinkies (1930)

First U.S. blood bank (1937)

Playboy (1953)

McDonalds (1955)

Wireless remote control (1955)

Cell Phones (1973)

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