15 Good Things That Happened in April & May

Remember back in January how I said I was going to reflect and share 10 good things that happened each month and now I haven't shared a post like that since? Yeah I don't remember that either ha. It's been a busy spring what can I say! So I'm going to take some time and reflect on what's happened April and part of May because let's be honest does the rest of the year matter when it's your birthday month?

Chicago Chop House Dinner with Britta
April kicked off with a massive and delicious dinner. I was invited to attend a Steakeducation event at Chicago Chop House and got to bring along my good friend Britta. Pretty sure we ate our weight in delicious steak and I'm definitely ready to go back for more. 

All the Birthdays
April is a marathon when it comes to birthdays in my family. We kick it off with my brother's on the 13th followed by mine on the 19th and my dad's was the 27th. This means all sorts of dinners and get togethers to celebrate. Who wouldn't be happy for that. I celebrated with friends later in the month when Jackie and combined birthdays and we got together for brunch and pedicures. 

Hand-lettering class with Mom & Bethany
One of my 101 List items is to do something together with Mom & Bethany once a quarter so I was happy when Mom suggested a hand lettering class at The Collective lhe + Makery. Since my hand writing leaves something to be desired I was not as much of a pro at this as I hoped but it was fun to see how lettering styles can be made. 

Wilton in person survey
A while back I joined the Wilton Sweet Talkers panel where every now and then I do a survey but I got invited to the headquarters in Naperville to be a part of an in-person experience and give my feed back. It was neat to visit the headquarters, give feedback and get paid!

Since Dad passed away as a family we've participated in the Walk N Roll. This year was no different. We all hauled our cookies to Museum Campus to walk our 5K in support of the American Cancer Society and their research. After the walk we went to the cemetery to visit Dad and then had our traditional lunch at Russell's BBQ. Elowen got to eat Russell's for the first time and as you can see it was a hit. 

Birthday Lunch at Cafe Ba-Ba Reeba
I love Cafe Ba-Ba Reeba it's one of my favorite restaurants for lunch, brunch or dinner. You name the time and date I'll be there in a heartbeat. We had a delicious lunch and I'm ready for my next one. Kevin decided to nap on the train ride home and let me finish my book.

Outstanding Gamma Phi Beta alumna
Every year each sorority that is a part of the Chicago Northwest Suburban Alumnae Panhellenic nominates a member to receive the Outstanding Alumna. This year I was the Gamma Phi Beta alumna nomination. It was very neat for everyone in my group to say yes you've been doing some great things for us and you should be acknowledged. 

South Pacific at Drury Lane
Another fantastic show at Drury Lane! I love that seeing plays is something my Mom and I share regularly. Something that we not only share but really enjoy. 

Labyrinth on the big screen
I always get the Fathom Events emails and am like oh yeah that's neat eh. When I saw that one of my top five favorite movies of all times was playing on the big screen you know I had to go and drag my friend Rachel with me. I had a lovely dinner of movie theater popcorn and enjoyed seeing David Bowe's crotch on the big screen. 

Nominated to be webmaster of National Association of Museum Exhibitors
I found out that I was nominated to a volunteer position on the National Association of Museum Exhibitors which is a Professional Networks of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). It feels pretty baller to not only be serving on a local and state level professional board of directors but now at the national level. I must be doing something right?!

Blog weekend with Stephanie
We kicked off our new 101 list by crossing off the first blog weekend of the year at the beginning of May. The productive level was through the roof and I feel good about how I rocked it out. I just have to continue that level on a regular basis that's the tough part. Also let's be honest we really had blog weekend so I could hang out with Hawkeye all day. 

Preserving You Family History series
A post series that I have been dreaming about since starting Musings of a Museum Fanatic finally came to fruition in the five post series where I showed you how to Preserve Your Family History by preserving documents, photos, small items, scrapbooks and displaying treasures. I'm so thankful to have partnered with Gaylord Archival on this project and can't wait to do so again in the future. 

Dinner with Pam & Danielle
There is nothing like getting together with friends who are there with you (or were) in the trenches of your work life. Sometimes you just need that cheesy appetizer, brownie sundae and snark fest. Although this time there were plenty more laughs than anything which makes me smile even now. 

Mother's Day with the family
Mother's Day and brunch are two peas in a pod. This year we were a little later with the reservations so we went to Seven Bridges Golf Club instead, which is actually where Lou & Bethany's wedding reception was. Everything was so delicious, I might have eaten almost an entire large piece of prime rib that just melted in your mouth. 

Jesus Christ Superstar at the Lyric Opera
I love a musical but there are some that I just love more than others. Jesus Christ Superstar is one of those musicals. The soundtrack is just amazing. At first I almost wasn't going to see it because the tickets were pricey but when Travelzoo offered half off tickets deal I told Mom we were going. It was A-FREAKING MAZING. So incredibly good. The guy who played Judas gave me goosebumps when he sang my favorite song (not the one on youtube but that one is great too) It was so good, I wish it was staying in Chicago longer so more people could see it

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