6 Websites That Will Help You Conquer Your 101 List

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Conquering your 101 in 1001 List can be tough business. You've got every day life competing with these large, long term goals. They can cost money and take up time. I've found that there are websites out that can help you organize and fund those 101 list tasks. Here are four that I use regularly to help conquer my 101 lists. What websites help you complete yours?

1. Day Zero Project
There is nothing I love more than a good to do list. For a 101 in 1001 list a normal to do list just doesn't cut it though. There can be many moving parts and multiple tasks within a list item that need to be tracked ongoing, like doing something with Mom & Bethany once a quarter. Day Zero Project helps you organize your list, what you have started and you can write comments. I love the comments feature it definitely helps with those ongoing tasks. 

WikiBuy is an awesome browser extension that helps you save money on anything and everything from suitcases to an Ancestry membership. It helps you save by scouring the internet for the best prices showing them as you shop from retailers like Amazon and other listings as well as finding out coupons that were successfully used by other people. I found out later that you can use it to get money back on other items like an Ancestry.com membership! I'm so stoked to get that membership at a discount I have so much work that  needs to be accomplished so I can update the family binders. 

3. Groupon
So much of my list and most of the lists I see out there are to do, see and eat locally. This is probably a no brainer but Groupon will help you do most if not all of those things at a discount. Especially the doing part. Touristy things can be quite pricey especially if you're like me and have a few on the list. 

Paying for your 101 in 1001 List can become quite pricey. Between all the spa days. new mattresses and other new items we want to work on upgrading in our lives. Swagbucks has helped me to earn gift cards to pay for a number of those big ticket items. Remember that full day spa day I saved up for on the last list? Well most of the money came from Spa Week gift cards I earned through Swagbucks. I feel like not having to pay out of pocket makes crossing the list item off just that sweeter. 

5. Google Calendar
Holy busy Batman! I know many of us have busy and hectic lives. This can make accomplishing a list of such magnitude really difficult. I rely on my Google Calendar to keep everything sorted out and on track. This includes the entire task and sometimes tasks to get the task done, like a reminder to follow up with Becky and schedule what shenanigans we're going to get up to this quarter. Having items you want to on your calendar makes it harder to forget. 

6. Paperless Post
My current 101 list has me sending out virtual cards to friends and family for birthdays and anniversaries for a year. My plan is to end up doing it for longer since I've found Paperless Post! They are an awesome virtual invitation and card website. The best part is that there are a lot of great free cards you can send but if you want to get fancy and add envelopes and other details there is a small cost. I've used them a couple of times throughout the years for invites but the cards is really where they're going to shine for my 101 list tasks. You can actually write the cards, get them all ready and schedule them! 

How awesome is that? So you just need to take a few hours to write all the awesome people in your life beautiful cards, schedule and they'll feel the love when their big day rolls around. Anything you can automate is a good thing when it comes to your 101 list is gold!

I'm ready to tackle my list with the help of these websites and cross every last one off this go round. What about you?

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