6 Tips For Effectively Unwinding After Work

6 Tips For Effectively Unwinding After Work by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

When the times comes to put up an exhibit those days are long, physically demanding and stressful. This time around since my exhibit installation has now turned into part one and part two thanks to an amazing new donation I've been thinking of ways to decompress and unwind after work. Unwinding for some people can be really difficult but sometimes the easiest thing is the best.

Sometimes if you get on to apps an websites like Facebook or LinkedIn the stress can continue. You get annoyed about the cousin who is posting crazy political posts or that former colleague who just got a massive promotion. So instead of just relaxing and scrolling it ups your stress level. Disconnect and just enjoy a good book or hanging out with your family instead of getting annoyed at the cyber world.

Get together with friends
This past week I went out to dinner with a current work friend and a former one. It was so much fun.What I thought would be just an hour and a half dinner turned into three hours of laughter and food. There was some complaining about work but the vast majority of the night was fun conversation. I drove home and thought about how relaxed and happy I was. Spending time with these friends was a much needed stress release.

Get physical
This one is totally up to you and your ability level. For some people putting on angry music and going to town on the elliptical is the perfect stress release. Others are perfectly happy just taking a walk through their neighborhood. Either way this way to unwind has multiple benefits, you're getting some physical activity in and decompressing. Taking a walk is something that can be done during a stressful day too if you can't wait. Now that the weather is starting to become nicer I'm looking forward to walking outside again.

Don't bring work home
I know lots of people who are pretty terrible at this one. If you bring the work home you're bringing the stress home. So the cycle really doesn't end, you're inviting that stress into your sanctuary. Don't do it unless it's absolutely necessary.

Everyone has something that is an indulgence. Maybe it's a small Blizzard from Dairy Queen or breaking out that super expensive bottle of wine or bubble bath. Don't talk yourself into waiting for the special occasion if it's something that will help you relax.

Hug someone  
First make sure it's someone you actually know and wants to hug you. Don't go hugging random people on the street! For me when Kevin walks in the door and gives me a big hug it totally releases so much stress. I'm sure there are scientific reasons for that but I have no idea what they are, either way it works! Give you pet a hug or your Mom. Whoever you've got give them a nice long hug!

What do you do to unwind after work?

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