6 Annoying Things Bloggers Do

There must be something in the water this month because I've been feeling especially sassy. Maybe it's the weather turning nicer or something. Last week it was talking about Sh** That Drives Me Crazy and this week it's blogger things I find really annoying. Do you have any blogging pet peeves? I know I've got a few and here they are!

Lump all the tags on top of one another
When I'm looking at you're photo I want to see who you're tagging! Maybe it's an account that I'd be interested in and should be following or a new restaurant I'm interested in. I know you're really only tagging them for the potential exposure but seriously please stop just piling 30 on top of each other it's annoying.

Not tagging a brand or restaurant
This is the other end of the spectrum from the first one. I haaaaaate it when you're at a restaurant and you don't tag their social media or use them in your description. One isn't the point to get yourself out there and won't tagging them help with that?! I know some food bloggers who are really bad about that and I'm like going to restaurants is your whole jam what are you doing!? There is really no excuse for not tagging unless it's like some dive that doesn't have social media but let's be honest I think almost everyone has some sort of social media presence these days.

When they don't respond to comments
I know that we're all busy but I find that there are some bloggers who don't respond to any comments. At all. Ever. How do I know that? I've commented dozens of times and had ZERO response. That makes me sad because I really was enjoying the content and was trying to interact. I try very hard to leave thoughtful more than one word comments if I can help it. Again life happens and sometimes you just can't but seriously if people are trying to connect with you connect back. Or else don't let people comment!!

People do some crazy stuff with their formatting. I just attended a professional conference about digital accessibility and it was really interesting. Walked away thinking about my blog in a whole new light and thinking about stuff I see from other bloggers.

I'm pretty sure some of those people are still stuck in the 90s using Word Art or something but if I can't physically read your content why would I come back to attempt it again. Please don't make it so hard for people to read what you're posting. This goes for colors too!

This one has always felt like a bait and switch tactic to me. I guess I understand it but it feels like you're saying to this person "ooo I like you I want to follow you and be friends .... PSYCH! Just kidding I don't really like you." If you follow someone on any platform you should be doing it because you like them and their content. Not just because you want their follow.

Having to look all over for social media
Why do some people make it so difficult to follow them? I'm searching all over with a buried treasure map and a compass for their social media or email list. Unless you want your blog to be only be seen by you (which it totally ok!) why must you make it so difficult?! Please put the buttons in an easy to reach spot.

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