Super Simple Veggie Pizza

Everyone has their go to appetizer recipe for nights at home, bringing to potlucks and other fun events. Mine is this Super Simple Veggie Pizza! It's a great dish that can be customized to whatever veggies you like. The best part is that you can make it the night before it will still be fantastic and it stays delicious for several days after.  Enjoy!

Super Simple Veggie Pizza

1 can Pillsbury regular pizza crust
1 package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup mayo
1 package dry ranch dressing mix
1/2 tsp. dill
Small shred cheddar cheese
Veggies, diced tiny
- I used baby carrots, broccoli, cucumber (seeds removed)
- you can also use green peppers, black olives and whatever other vegetables you'd like


1. Full bake the pizza crust according to the package directions. Cooks tip - be sure to poke the dough all over with a fork so the crust doesn't puff up too much!

2. While crust is cooking mix together cream cheese, mayo, ranch dressing mix and dill.

3. Cool the crust then spread the spread evenly over the entire crust leaving edge. 

4. Sprinkle the different veggies all over the pizza. 

 5. Cut pizza into squares. 

6. Sprinkle cheese all over cut slices & enjoy!

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