Do People Actually Buy This?! Volume 3

This months edition of Do People Actually Buy This?! is brought to you by sequins. We started off the year with a little bit of everything and are now moving into February plenty of sparkle.

Fanny packs are actually a thing again. Which that in itself is kinda insane but the fact that a sequined fanny pack is a thing at a major retailer. 

This shoe says to me business in the front and party in the back.

I have so many questions when it comes to this. Do you wear this on top of a shirt? Or a bikini top? Does this get worn just by itself?? What occasion would call for a rhinestone bikini?

There was so much going on with this rack it was slightly insane. As you can see to both sides of the white one there were some interesting tops. I thought that this one was slightly more crazy than the black one.

This is definitely the year of the furry coat. I've spotted so many different colors, shapes and sizes of furry coats it's somewhat insane. Hopefully no one is wearing one of these out and about in the woods.

They look like an owl to me but yet it's not feathers it's fur. I don't understand?!

What is with the pom poms everywhere these days?! I just can't. You can't even put this phone in your back pocket it's so big.

These earrings are deceptive. They were HUGE. Huge gold flowery earrings. I'm not surprised they were in the clearance section. 

Have you seen any crazy items during your shopping trips lately?
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